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by gturken10
27 Aug 2006, 04:05
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Puma cleats
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im thinking of buying them for indoor/turf, the trainer version. whats do you think about it? is it good for ball control and hard shots?
by gturken10
15 Aug 2006, 01:38
Forum: Equipment
Topic: turf shoes?
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turf shoes?

i need new turf shoes and i want a shoe thats good for control and have hard shot with it. any sugesstions?
by gturken10
15 Aug 2006, 01:25
Forum: Equipment
Topic: adidas +F30 TRX OPINIONS NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i had the adidas f50+ with the covered laces and they are beautiful and nice, they give u a nice shot because the laces are covered. and now im buying the new adidas f50+ tunit because f50 is liek the only thins i will wear.
by gturken10
17 Oct 2005, 00:49
Forum: Fitness
Topic: ankle weights
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ankle weights

do ankle weights help you in speed? do they have any side effects? can you please reply?
by gturken10
14 Aug 2005, 02:21
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Soccer players and chest hair
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Soccer players and chest hair

do soccer players shave their chest hair?