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by Firafootballfitness
13 Mar 2019, 03:47
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Topic: I'm a complete beginner...Any tips?
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Re: I'm a complete beginner...Any tips?

If you are a complete beginner to soccer and you are at an older age such as 16. I think it will be a good idea to join a recreational league or somewhere not so competitive. A environment too conpetitive might ruin the experience as there might be too much pressure. It all depends on what you want....
by Firafootballfitness
13 Mar 2019, 00:49
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Topic: ==
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Re: Help with my training

If you can keep a high intensity for 3 hours straight that is insane. However if you feel sluggish during training it may be better to have a short intense workout than a long low intensity workout. It all depends on how you feel. Another thing you could do is schedule a 1hour and 30 session in the ...
by Firafootballfitness
13 Mar 2019, 00:02
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Topic: Eyes up
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Re: Eyes up

You could try to use your peripheral vision to know where the ball is and see if there are any defenders ahead. This also makes easier to look up and down. Of course you would want to get as comfortable as possible with the ball at your feet so you won’t have to look at it as much. Check out my blog...
by Firafootballfitness
12 Mar 2019, 13:47
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Topic: How to get a Thunderous shot
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Re: How to get a Thunderous shot

Some other tips I suggest is to practice good technique. Make sure to have the ankle locked. Have your non kicking foot not to far from the ball and pointing in the direction of the target. Keep head down and body over the ball. Landing on kicking foot can also help generate power. Of course you hav...