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by Tungbat1
25 Aug 2017, 07:23
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Topic: About La croqueta
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About La croqueta

I know that La croqueta is a simple skill that almost player could do, but I also know that la croqueta is most useful when the opponent suddenly comes to you.So I can train this skill at home, with a cones but when I play in the match, I couldn't use it, usually I when the opponent rush to me, I ju...
by Tungbat1
25 Aug 2017, 07:09
Forum: Skills
Topic: Eyes up
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Re: Eyes up

Hey dksaluki, I've created a 1,000 touch drill that helps players improve their close ball control. Practicing this drill is sure to help with your ball control which in turn will help you improve your ability to look up during your matches because you'll be more comfortable with the ball. Here is ...