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by gamblee
03 May 2017, 06:24
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Hairstyles?
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Re: Hairstyles?

Your hairstyle is looking good, And it suits on you and you need to put hairstyle which suit's you. don't experiment much because it will damage your hair, be with simple hair with some styling.
by gamblee
02 May 2017, 07:23
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Is it possible to gain weight!
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Re: Is it possible to gain weight!

If you will burn enough calories then you will not get weight, and if you are playing and while then you eat good then you will not gain weight that much.
by gamblee
25 Apr 2017, 06:24
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Stamina .
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Re: Stamina .

I think running is the best thing, to build the stamina, running improves stamina alot.