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by dksaluki
21 Oct 2016, 02:03
Forum: Skills
Topic: Eyes up
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Eyes up

So I've been trying to do better at keeping my head up so I don't feel so rushed and overwhelmed when dribbling the ball during games. But in close quarters with lots of quick touches, there's no way to NOT look at the ball right?! I mean I'm not literally staring at the ball..more like 3-4 feet in ...
by dksaluki
17 Sep 2016, 21:56
Forum: Skills
Topic: Implementing skills in games
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Re: Implementing skills in games

I have the same problem. I can receive the ball and pass it around just fine...I can even dribble around cones just fine when on my own. a game, it's different. I need to practice that really light touch and sharp cuts. Maybe practice more running around with the ball and not so many cone ...