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by footballwiz613
20 Jan 2016, 04:13
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Right wing vs left wing?
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Re: Right wing vs left wing?

Growing up This was probably one of my biggest dilemmas as a young player as I used to play wing quite often. My suggestion if you intend on staying on the wing (it is probably the funnest position once you get the hang of it imho) is to just continue to work on it. The more you sweat in practice th...
by footballwiz613
20 Jan 2016, 04:07
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Lone Striker
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Re: Lone Striker

Hey man I know its a little late but I came across this string randomly, and would like to provide my perspective on the position. the way the game has evolved I feel as though a lone striker is the most optimal option only if he is used as a target man. That being said the lone striker needs to kee...