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by dog
10 Sep 2015, 09:48
Forum: Skills
Topic: What is your dribbling style ?
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Re: What is your dribbling style ?

A bit of all of them. I'm tall, fast and strong and like to showboat (cr7 but most of the time I use gambetta fakes like Messi and cuts. Every now and then I do an outrageous skill move, which once resulted in me taking 3 months out with torn ankle ligaments after a bad tackle
by dog
06 Sep 2015, 21:36
Forum: Skills
Topic: Indoor practice in Winter
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Indoor practice in Winter

So it's nearing the end of winter where I live in Australia and I was just wondering what drills I could do as the rain will continue into Spring. I know about Coever drills and stuff like that, and strength work, but I feel I need something else. Space about 4 metres by two, sometimes can get to th...
by dog
06 Sep 2015, 07:53
Forum: Skills
Topic: more drills less time
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Re: more drills less time

It depends what drill. Intense dribbling drills would be at the start of my training, and I would do seven or eight different drills for 5 minutes each. But if it was just learning the outside bend technique or working on your weak foot shooting, then long drills would be better to really get into a...