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by farhan782000
14 Jun 2014, 17:27
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Where does a striker stand?
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Where does a striker stand?

Hi guys, so, I just wanted to know the primary position that a striker usually occupies. I know what a striker does and stuff like that but just want to know where is his standing position. I would appreciate if you guys can give me a diagram, but if not it's okay, just tell me where to stand. :mrgr...
by farhan782000
06 Jun 2014, 16:30
Forum: Skills
Topic: A winger, a striker or midfielder?
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A winger, a striker or midfielder?

Hello guys, so, my question is that which position is best for me? Right now I play as a right winger but I'm thinking of more of a goal scoring, fun kind of position. Right winger kinda' gets me bored cause the possession is very less, I always have to cross the ball. I don't have any issue with pa...