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by SantaCruz
17 Apr 2006, 11:14
Forum: World Cup
Topic: who do u want to win the world cup?
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Brasil will suprise with winning WC :P
by SantaCruz
18 Mar 2006, 23:24
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Wearing eye glasses
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i have high degree too so can't play without glasses. I've bought one adidas model which is like davids used to wear but i've had too much practical problems with them... like in case you get ball in your head you don't see much after as some dirt stays on googles and it's really hard to clear it. I...
by SantaCruz
19 Jan 2006, 14:09
Forum: World Cup
Topic: What's gonna happen if Iran's banned from WC ( nuclear rscs)
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What's gonna happen if Iran's banned from WC ( nuclear rscs)

What do you think ? Because media says that there's possibility that iran is banned from WC because they've reopened nuclear programe or somethin in this way...

Wouldn't be weird a group with 3 teams :)
by SantaCruz
19 Jan 2006, 13:55
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Witch Teams Will Make It Out of There 1st round pools
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I just hope that croatia is going home with 0 points ( what's actualy real )
by SantaCruz
26 Dec 2005, 15:01
Forum: Fitness
Topic: How do you gain kilos ?
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How do you gain kilos ?

I'm 192cm and 75 kilos...

What to do to reach about 83 kilos ?

Well some people say just eat cheeseburgers and all other junky stuff, but i'd rather choose healthy way to gain weight.

Is there point just in eating alot more or eating right food or what ?

BTW i'm training 3-4 times a week

by SantaCruz
26 Dec 2005, 14:45
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Garage training?
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My garage is 9 meters long so i've put old carpet on garage door, drew futsal goal on it and now i'm shooting now and then :)

I'ts good fun, especialy when your bored and have no idea what to do
by SantaCruz
26 Sep 2005, 17:34
Forum: Skills
Topic: Can playing futsal help you ?
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i don't say normal football is slow game or anything, but i think in futsal things are happening even faster. In my opinion in futsal you always have just alittle time to decide what to do with ball whereever on field you are so you'r forced to improve your ball control, first touch ect... In futsal...
by SantaCruz
20 Sep 2005, 17:08
Forum: Skills
Topic: "building ball"
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"building ball"

hey guys, i'm playing futsal ( 4+1 teams ) where is really inportant to keep ball in your possesion after you get it in middle of field... and that's my problem... i often lose ball few secs after i got it from teammate so it usualy ends with counterattack and goal :( so is there any way to train th...