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by feski25
19 Jan 2013, 13:14
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Muscle Gain
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Re: Muscle Gain

Hello Guys i think that Muscle gain or excess bodyweight can occur as a result of exercise or weight training, in which muscle size is improved through bodyweight training.If enough bodyweight is obtained by way of improved human extra fat remains, one may become overweight or fat, generally defined...
by feski25
18 Jan 2013, 15:57
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Maintaining Fitness
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Re: Maintaining Fitness

Hello Guys i think that keeping common fitness should be everybody's objective.There are many ways to get a lean body like: Exercise continually and regularly Use wide range to develop muscle durability and stamina. Stretch frequently, before and after work out to increase flexibility Pay attention ...
by feski25
15 Jan 2013, 17:27
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Home gym
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Re: Home gym

Hello Guys i think that Home Gyms are pieces of home fitness equipment that let you achieve a level of fitness that normally you would have to join a club for. Home Gyms tend to be multi-station units with a variety of exercises based on pulling or pushing a designated level of weight.Thanks a lot!!
by feski25
14 Jan 2013, 16:16
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Topic: Fat Burning Foods
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Re: Fat Burning Foods

Hello Guys i think that Fat burning foods are meals that you may include in your diet which help to speed up your metabolic rate. Apart from these meals, physical exercise with lots of aerobic, plenty of sleep, decreased stress levels and body cleansing are other aspects necessary for quicker losing...
by feski25
14 Jan 2013, 16:11
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Topic: Introduction
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Hey Guys my name is feski.I am a new user on this forum.My age is 25 and my weight is 180 pound and my height is 6'1.I visited in this forum through the chain of Google.I am living in Paris.I am like the exercise and maintain my body slim&fit.And i also paly football.It is one of my intresting game....