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by Flopinthebox
30 Nov 2006, 17:17
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Firm ground with best control/touch?
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Firm ground with best control/touch?

Im having a problem with my dribbling tricks with my current cleats, the nike sumpremes, I think it might be the slick studs and and base plate. Whenever I go for a crossover or hocus pocus or even just roll it with my sole the ball can slip out. When I practice my dribbling I usually wear my indoor...
by Flopinthebox
10 Nov 2006, 03:00
Forum: Fitness
Topic: To practice - or not to practice?
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I had a pain on the outside of my hip a year ago, always here when I'd curve a ball in with my outside right, I just played through it and it went away. Trainers are your best friends, they'll get you in and out in 15-20 minutes with advice or a referal to the doctor. Seriously I would go to my trai...
by Flopinthebox
27 Oct 2006, 16:42
Forum: Tactics
Topic: 3-5-2 Striker runs?
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3-5-2 Striker runs?

We've got a new coach at my school this year and he has us playing a 3-5-2 with lots of overlap passes. He says that my runs are to vertical and he want diagonal runs, I can't figure out when would a good time to make a diagonal run and where exactly to run. Is it to the other side of the field ahea...