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by johnpotter
04 Feb 2011, 05:44
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Is it possible to gain weight!
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Yes its possible to Gain the weight.But its some what tough.But if you are regular for some steps then its very easy to gain your weight. 1) You have to take Regular Nutritive Diet. 2) Milk is also required. 3) Take some Fat and Oil containing Food but in a controlled manner. 4) Take sufficient Slee...
by johnpotter
04 Feb 2011, 05:41
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Fitness Routine- Need help
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Fitness Routine is very required thing and for that you can take the help from the Daily Exercise with your suitable body type as well as you can get help from the Yoga.The Diet should be also in a balanced manner.If you will do it on the daily basis the its very beneficial for your fitness of the b...
by johnpotter
04 Feb 2011, 05:38
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Missing something in my diet?
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Diet is most essential part of the body growth and you have to take care of it.

1) Always go for the balanced Diet.
2) Eat fresh and the Green Vegetables,Beans and Fruits.
3) Daily Exercise you can also do.
4) You can take so many Salads also.
5) Apple,Bananas are also useful for your health.