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by footballlover5
08 Oct 2005, 19:01
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Shaving your legs
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are u sure ur not watching women play??
by footballlover5
16 Sep 2005, 22:54
Forum: Competition
Topic: how good r u really?
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im dont have the strongest leg but my dribbling skills, speed, endurance and passing ability make up for my lack of a powerful foot
by footballlover5
18 Aug 2005, 01:57
Forum: Fitness
Topic: gaining weight?
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hey guys you dont need to be huge . my cousin played for one of the top teams in the netherlands and he is only 5 feet 10 inches and only 150 pounds. he was one of their top midfielders
by footballlover5
17 Aug 2005, 02:17
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Shoulder-barging
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i consider it playing weak if you get shouldered off the ball. i sometimes send some kids to the ground on shoulder barges it's not against the rules. it is just playing phyiscal and strong.
by footballlover5
04 Aug 2005, 21:57
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Web site for Arsenal fans
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That really isnt that great of a site. i can name 1 right now that is 10x better.
by footballlover5
13 Jul 2005, 16:05
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: real madrid training session in chicago
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hey im goin to that. i dont care about the 20 dollars my parents will take of that all i care about is seeing Real Madrid in action. i cant wait to see them in practice and in the game
by footballlover5
30 Jun 2005, 15:08
Forum: Skills
Topic: Training in hot weather
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it is absolutely crazy how hot is in chicago IL, hasnt rained in amonth and a half. it has been 95 degrees for the last two weeks or so. and it is soooooooooooooo humid. i hate it. why cant it just be in the 70's
by footballlover5
27 Jun 2005, 15:26
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: OMG, ARG wins over Mexico
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The game was awesome between Mex and Arg. u couldnt have gotten a better game. did anyone c that huge colision that looked like it killed
by footballlover5
26 Jun 2005, 23:55
Forum: Community
Topic: Hello from Chicago
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hey i went to the USA v. England game. and im also going to the games Real Madrid v. Chivas and AC milan v. Chicago Fire! its awesome now so many European teams are coming and puting exhibitions on in Chicago
by footballlover5
24 Jun 2005, 18:46
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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Ronaldo. He is still the most feared striker in the world.
You have to be kinding me. Have you ever seen Thierry Henry play. he is the best striker in the world it is no comparison.
by footballlover5
23 Jun 2005, 23:04
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: 2 sports
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Go illini! hail to the orange and Blue!!!!!!!!!!!
by footballlover5
18 Jun 2005, 17:36
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: ultimate lifestyle.
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i absolutely love football but i have so many interest other than football. i try to keep my intensity up and not let those other things get in my way but it is hard. but i will never give up i will become a pro
by footballlover5
17 Jun 2005, 14:17
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Spain-Bosnia
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its all cool i am catholic. Orthodox and cathocism is pretty close in beliefs
by footballlover5
17 Jun 2005, 02:42
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Cliques within a team
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hey soccer chick/freak maybe if ur parents would let u at least try out u could maybe get a ride with another player on ur team
by footballlover5
17 Jun 2005, 02:24
Forum: Community
Topic: How old are you
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im 14