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by Adizeta
06 Mar 2006, 22:59
Forum: Videos
Topic: February Demo
Replies: 15
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ur video was realy cool
great moves realy quick legs
can'y wait for your next video
by Adizeta
03 Feb 2006, 23:58
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Murilo Part 5
Replies: 60
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the video was realy great
u had everything low and upper moves.
i enjoyed watching ur latw great work keep it up
by Adizeta
03 Feb 2006, 23:51
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Mads Nyborg's video
Replies: 17
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nice moves
u can juggule very smoothly
great video
by Adizeta
26 Jan 2006, 21:23
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Victor's video
Replies: 11
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cool video u were realy smooth you keept the video entertaning wit ur combos
by Adizeta
20 Jan 2006, 01:26
Forum: Pick-up Soccer
Topic: New York
Replies: 8
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i go to ny all the time it would be great if
we could get together and play i played a cuple of
games in flushing medows
by Adizeta
20 Jan 2006, 01:19
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Rinus Netten
Replies: 41
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Great video man
I raly enjoyed watching this video
the music went right along with the video
props homie :wink:
by Adizeta
10 Jan 2006, 01:00
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Super Syed vs Kamalio
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Awsome video guys
it gets better each time i see it
I cant determine which one is better
although the kamilo atw is sick nasty

Crazy video my eyes poped out
:shock: :shock:
by Adizeta
19 Nov 2005, 01:43
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Julio Red Angel
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Plane out crazy great video
mad props
by Adizeta
04 Oct 2005, 19:21
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Luke's Video
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nice video i realy liked it

try to make the quality a lil better

]]nice job man
by Adizeta
27 Aug 2005, 00:24
Forum: Players
Topic: Robinho in real madrid
Replies: 10
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do u think that robinho will help better the flow the players have between each other in games
by Adizeta
26 Aug 2005, 21:09
Forum: Players
Topic: Best Goal Keeper of all time
Replies: 38
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Higuita is teh best ever
com on scorpion u gota be good to do that stuff

goycochea is also one of my favs he mad nasty
by Adizeta
26 Aug 2005, 21:04
Forum: Players
Topic: what will michel owen do
Replies: 3
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im sure hell go back to english soccer
he has a lot of talent im sure wat ever team he goes to hell play and do wonders
by Adizeta
25 Aug 2005, 20:32
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: "What type of player are you" quiz
Replies: 24
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i got james

great fun quiz
by Adizeta
25 Aug 2005, 19:29
Forum: Players
Topic: Robinho in real madrid
Replies: 10
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Robinho in real madrid

Now that the young robinho is in real madrid

do u think robinho will have what it takes to help real madrid become champs in the season
by Adizeta
18 Aug 2005, 21:02
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Owen4Ever Demo
Replies: 79
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the video was cool

i didnt know what was going on with u until u explained about your ankle

the fall made me laugh

props for freestyling while not fully recovered