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by wanna be the best
15 Jun 2005, 14:50
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Show player inside or outside!
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Show player inside or outside!

When you play left back or right back should yo show the winger inside or outside??? or is it a mixture of the two and does it depend on the way your team plays?
by wanna be the best
15 Jun 2005, 14:35
Forum: Tactics
Topic: when a striker attacks you
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when a striker attacks you

When your playing centre half and the striker runs at you which way should your body be angled showing him to the right or left? will i try to put him onto his bad foot?
by wanna be the best
15 Jun 2005, 14:32
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Playing against taller players
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Playing against taller players

Hi i play centre back and was wondering what to do when u play against a taller centre forward?obviously im not going to win it so should i just jump with him although i feel this wont make much of a difference if the player was 5,6 or 7 inches taller.
by wanna be the best
12 Jun 2005, 13:36
Forum: Skills
Topic: How to take deadly free kicks
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practice practice and practice some more and some more after that
by wanna be the best
04 Jun 2005, 15:02
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Coach recommends chocolate bars
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This is very poor information you should eat fruit and raw veg before a game and water not bars!One or two are ok after a match but no more
by wanna be the best
04 Jun 2005, 14:59
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Off season training
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depanding on the season you have had hace a week or so of rest and then a week of stretching or yoga some of the other information is very poor and could burn you out!
by wanna be the best
01 Jun 2005, 22:47
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Tips for centreback
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I play centre bacl aswell and am always looking to improve there are good links in here.Watch all the top centre backs watch wat they do and try to play the matches in your head if you understand what i mean.
by wanna be the best
01 Jun 2005, 22:44
Forum: Skills
Topic: training with a oppennet of lesser skill
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They are ok to work on the basics but its like everything the better u play with and against the better you become
by wanna be the best
22 May 2005, 23:34
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Strikers dropping back?
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Strikers dropping back?

Hi i play centr back but was just wondering what do you do when a centre forwartd drops off into midfield to pick up the ball or just even of the other striker should you go with him or just pass him on and hold your position?

by wanna be the best
15 May 2005, 17:09
Forum: Skills
Topic: Individual defensive training
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Individual defensive training

Hi new to the board. Just wondering does anybody have any tips on how to improve your defending when training on your own? thanks