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by BeatleManU
15 Jul 2006, 22:57
Forum: Skills
Topic: JDefoe's shooting guide
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I'll try and work on that in tomorrows pickup game.
by BeatleManU
15 Jul 2006, 22:51
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Zidane wtf....
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soccerchic_06 wrote:yeah, i read that on Materazzi seriously should be repremanded. what do you think FIFA will do?
A two game suspension and a fine.
by BeatleManU
15 Jul 2006, 22:48
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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MrSark wrote:
DouDou wrote: Rivaldo (prime days in Barcelonna) Vs Ronaldinho
Rivaldo easy...........Who has a World Cup and who doesn't.
I thought they both have one.
by BeatleManU
11 Feb 2006, 06:59
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Awesome new Soccer Site
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Awesome new Soccer Site

Hi guys,

You might want to check out

It's got all kinds of good stuff. For footie fans from all over the globe.

Check it out.

by BeatleManU
11 Feb 2006, 06:39
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: MySpace anyone?
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Well you can check out my myspace page if you want. Only had it for a few months, but I like it.
by BeatleManU
11 Feb 2006, 06:20
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Do you play a musical instrument?
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I used to play the clarinet. And I own a guitar that I don't know how to play.
by BeatleManU
04 Jun 2005, 23:39
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Off season training
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Wow, you guys certainly work out a lot.
by BeatleManU
04 Jun 2005, 23:38
Forum: Community
Topic: Hey, Hey, Hey...
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Hey, Hey, Hey...

Not sure if I posted my hello yet!
by BeatleManU
04 Jun 2005, 23:37
Forum: Players
Topic: What player are you most like?
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Wow, I wish I could compare myself with a pro. Can't think of one that I play like... maybe Bobby Charlton... now that he's a senior citizen...
by BeatleManU
14 May 2005, 17:54
Forum: Pick-up Soccer
Topic: Proposing a new pick-up game?
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Is website really up to date. I noticed very recent dates by locations in Alameda county, California, but I'm pretty sure that those games don't take place anymore. I could be wrong, just wanted to double check.