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by lamp_abi
25 Feb 2010, 07:42
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Hair for football
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I love David Beckham's hair, whatever he does with it. I thought his latest hairstyle was bleh, but it has grown on me actually. His hotness never fails. Also, has anyone seen Cristiano Ronaldo's Armani ads ? It looks really, really .. awkward. The poses, goodness !
by lamp_abi
25 Feb 2010, 07:36
Forum: Players
Topic: Gerrard charged with assault.
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I never thought Stevie could do such a thing. He gave me the impression of a goody guy. Then again, it's not like I know him personally. I give him the benefit of the doubt though.
by lamp_abi
25 Feb 2010, 07:34
Forum: Players
Topic: Underrated Players
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I think there are several Tottenham players who are underrated, particularly among the Croatian crop. I secretly love Tottenham. Watching them play is my guilty pleasure. If my Chelsea boys learn about this, they'll get upset.
by lamp_abi
25 Feb 2010, 07:32
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: AFC
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Although it will take more years, I do hope that AFC will manage to step up its game. It's definitely no match to the league in Europe and South America but fingers crossed it will get there.
by lamp_abi
25 Feb 2010, 07:30
Forum: European Football
Topic: Uefa Champions League final 2008/2009
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I remember watching the CL 08 final and almost cried when John Terry missed the penalty. So close yet so far. I was upset for several days then. Seriously.
by lamp_abi
25 Feb 2010, 07:28
Forum: Players
Topic: who is the biggest young talent in world football today?
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Rooney definitely. He actually flourished now that Cristiano Ronaldo left for Madrid. Also, is it just me who sees great potential in Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey ? He is quite good. He's still young so he's got years to develop into one of the star players of Arsenal.
by lamp_abi
25 Feb 2010, 07:24
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Offsides calls with one ref
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I never really understood how a referee calls an offside. I think it is very tricky. It's one of those things in football which is very difficult to call. Call one and some will agree, some will criticize.