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by culdesac
09 Jul 2010, 20:10
Forum: Competition
Topic: Boarding Schools
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Hey dude i don't know where you live in Florida, but another club, Weston FC is in Florida and they did better than IMG in the academy, so I'd check them out as well, they also scored a crazy 73 goals, and only let up 38. While IMG as Arsenal said gave up 46 and scored 43. So I'd definitely check th...
by culdesac
03 Jul 2010, 07:32
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Quarter Finals (WC 2010)
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It's not cheating, he just found a loophole in the rules. It's not cheating because he got punished accordingly. Henry, might have been cheating because he wasn't punished. It's in the rules that if you do that you will get a red card, Suarez knew this, and decided to act on behalf of his country an...
by culdesac
30 Apr 2010, 03:31
Forum: Players
Topic: Chelsea signs Sergio Agüero!
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Chelsea signs Sergio Agüero!

Chelsea just signed Sergio Agüero for £40 Milliion. ... rs&cc=5901

What do you guys think of this move?
by culdesac
18 Apr 2010, 05:17
Forum: Competition
Topic: Soccer Boarding Schools
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Shattuck-St Mary's has a very good program for hockey and soccer, including a full sized indoor field for winter training, so if your looking for a real school, thats a good bet for you.
by culdesac
14 Feb 2010, 19:45
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Fifa 10 League?
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I'm manchester city, that was an awesome game. I still can't believe I went bar down from 37 to tie it haha.

BTW I'm a long time reader first time poster, as coincidentally today is the first time one of my accounts has actually worked. :D