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by Serb8
10 Sep 2005, 17:42
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Intelligent rants or something on your mind?
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peps1154 ur just like the other americans that listen 2 tv. Everyone in America thinks that America is soo great, becasue they are hlping lot of countries. Thats Now true. For exapmle like Iraq, They are not there to help them. They are there to steal their Oil. And whatever u hear on tv is False.
by Serb8
10 Sep 2005, 03:01
Forum: Community
Topic: Your shirt number and more...
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Postion- inside Midfield and sometimes forward
Number- 10
Total 90 III
Speed,crossing, passing,freek kicks and penalties
by Serb8
12 Aug 2005, 18:53
Forum: World Cup
Topic: U-17 FIFA World Cup
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I was wondering how can u be on the national U-17 team. Is there tryouts or do scouts just look at u.
by Serb8
10 Aug 2005, 16:29
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Top 10 countries
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Even though i live in the U.S i dont think U.S deserves in the to 10. I bet u that they cant beat the top 30 teams in Europe.
by Serb8
06 Aug 2005, 05:00
Forum: Competition
Topic: Why becoming pro soccer player?
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Why i wanna become a pro football player is because I love the excitment,and its fun. Another reson is because i want to represent my country and win the world Ccup for the 1st time, I would like to play against the best and beat the best. MAn if i played pro football i would play for frEE.Its soo i...
by Serb8
05 Aug 2005, 16:45
Forum: Players
Topic: Best Goal Keeper of all time
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oliver Kahn
by Serb8
29 Jul 2005, 18:25
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Who are You supporting for the World cup?
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Serbia,Bosnia,Croatia,Slovenia and macedonia all they way. Onew of those balkan countries will shine this world cup.
by Serb8
13 Jul 2005, 17:29
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: real madrid training session in chicago
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I heard the only Superstar that will show is David Beckham
by Serb8
28 Apr 2005, 01:48
Forum: Expert
Topic: More training articles
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