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by megakid1234
06 Nov 2007, 17:00
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: WTF? PATW SITDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!
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Btw Guys It Was An Latw Not Patw, Watch This Video Slowed Down And See For Yourselfs :) .
by megakid1234
02 Nov 2007, 13:50
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Freestyle Trick Dictionary
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ii Have Been Away 2 Holiday To Brazil Nd I Was Wondering Sputnik If Yoo Can Put Up New Links For The Moves, ii Know Im Extremly Late But If Yoo Cant I Dont Mind Btw Great Job !!! Im A Late Sod :)
by megakid1234
22 Jul 2007, 11:34
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Guide to Sports Drinks
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Yuuuuk :( It Tasted Like S*** But I Still Gained Energy That Will Last Me A Lifetime Atleast It Felt Like That :D.
by megakid1234
20 Jul 2007, 08:11
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Defensive Play - Triangles
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Urm Weren't This What Arsenal Doing To Manchester United At Old Trafford When Arsenal Won 1-0 They Were Doing A Similar Thing :l.

EDIT: Sorry to be off topic.
by megakid1234
20 Jul 2007, 08:05
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Did I do the right thing
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gnarlyjim wrote:Missing a day of training isn't going to destroy your chances of going pro. :lol: If you're good enough, you're good enough, if you're not, you're not.
Exactly no need to worry and get stroppy :wink: .
by megakid1234
20 Jul 2007, 07:57
Forum: Competition
Topic: Should I bother with this team?
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rzadzinski wrote:That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. At least you care about winning and sacrificing your energy to do whatever possible to get the job done!!!
Yep Sometimes Is Unfair Rather Always.
by megakid1234
20 Jul 2007, 07:49
Forum: Skills
Topic: In this topic, we say everything we're BAD at
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Bad At

-Shooting big time :(
-Long throw's
-Inconsistent, sometimes

Thats it :(
by megakid1234
20 Jul 2007, 07:47
Forum: Skills
Topic: Problem with keep-ups.
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Urm why don't somebody move this to the freestyle section?

It would be more understood then it being in the dribbling section?
by megakid1234
20 Jul 2007, 07:46
Forum: Skills
Topic: looking down at the ball while dribbling
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If You Look Down It Is Not Good....

1. You cannot see who is tracking you...

2. You cannot see the field or anybody who is asking for the ball...

simple reason's ^^

Look Up :D.
by megakid1234
19 Jul 2007, 21:22
Forum: Competition
Topic: Trials !! Need Help!!
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Let me just tell you that very few people just fly in and find success in the UK. I'm not saying that it's impossible, but you should be the top player in your league and play every minute of your games. Try to have a lot of stuff on your resume like personal awards, tournaments you won, ODP, high ...
by megakid1234
13 Jul 2007, 09:40
Forum: Skills
Topic: My Training Routine
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Midfielder wrote:Okay, thanks for that. I'll try my best to stick to my curriculum. If anybody else has suggestions, i'd really like to hear them.
Good Idea Pal, If U Don't Have A Great Education Then That's Not Soo Great :wink:
by megakid1234
13 Jul 2007, 09:30
Forum: Players
Topic: The Knockout Game!
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16 Zinedine Zidane
21 Pele
22 Johan Cruyff
19 Franz Beckenbauer (-1)
3 Ronaldo
4 Dennis Bergkamp
by megakid1234
01 Jul 2007, 21:47
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: 5 word stories.
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Also Every Mod Out There...
by megakid1234
01 Jul 2007, 21:46
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: The (X) vs (X) game
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Sorry Deano7 But Ronaldinho Has Shown Great Football Knowledge Soo Far In Expertfootball No Doubt.

I Might Be Wrong Deano7 Could Be Such A Great Player...

But Ronaldinho10 Edges it With His Knowledge.

Powell Vs iwannagopro

Soz I Got Carried Away :shock:
by megakid1234
26 Jun 2007, 21:50
Forum: Skills
Topic: Cosminnfs's free kick guide
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Deleted It Got It Back :P.