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by Lord Maxwell
04 Oct 2006, 00:56
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: World View of England
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Interesting debate from a while ago... Let's see, England...bad teeth, obnoxiously polite people, cool accents, riots over football games...I think that's about all the stereotyping I know of. What I'm truly interested in, though, is the British view of the American Revolution in the late 1700s, and...
by Lord Maxwell
02 Oct 2006, 02:27
Forum: Competition
Topic: whats the most amount of people you had at one of your games
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rolmo3 wrote:about 10 fans and 20 parents for our high school team. our town is totally out of soccer :(
Same here, except a little bit more people.
by Lord Maxwell
01 Oct 2006, 13:49
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Awful decision in Brazilian league
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Wtf...I hope that ref gets fired for such an idiotic call.
by Lord Maxwell
30 Sep 2006, 23:27
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Coolest jersey
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Personally, Arsenal's O2 maroon shirts from last year look the best to me. Then again, Arsenal has to be the only team I've seen play from England more than once, and I haven't even been able to watch English Premiership too often this season. :cry: Why must the U.S. be so cursed?
by Lord Maxwell
29 Sep 2006, 01:04
Forum: Skills
Topic: What skills should I work on for Defensive-mid?
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If you're still playing could probably get away with a quick move on an oncoming attacker when the ball is played behind you, but many times it's best to let the ball go out (this is where you should practice your shielding) or just get faster than everybody else so you have a little more t...
by Lord Maxwell
29 Sep 2006, 00:55
Forum: Competition
Topic: What makes you special?
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I am the best defender (maybe tied for best) on my rec team, fastest player on my high school team, and I am probably one of the better stalling-style defenders in my area. One-on-ones usually end in the other side having to drop the ball back, or losing it completely. Also, I am one of the worst dr...