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by heiky0711
11 Jun 2019, 10:34
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Right wing vs left wing?
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Re: Right wing vs left wing?

You've already have the pace and experience as a right winger. You can apply the same principles being a left winger, time your runs and produce crosses. If you can produce crosses into danger areas or cut-backs with your left. Then it should be fine. And you should explore being a left winger and s...
by heiky0711
11 Jun 2019, 10:24
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Next Fifa game
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Re: Next Fifa game

I've just seen the FIFA 2020 preview and they're bringing back FIFA street, no news about FIFA releasing another FIFA Street game for PS4 tho. Looking forward to this feature...
by heiky0711
11 Jun 2019, 10:21
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: My Jersey Website
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Re: My Jersey Website


Have seen your website and it looks good. But I can't purchase any of the jerseys.
by heiky0711
10 Apr 2019, 06:40
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: PES for Wii?
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Re: PES for Wii?

Personally I find PES works better with a dual shock controller. But the idea of point and drag players is something new and interesting which I might try.

I've uploaded PES 2019 | Master League at

Let me know what you guys think of the video :)
by heiky0711
13 Apr 2013, 22:45
Forum: Community
Topic: The end of my career
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Re: The end of my career

Firstly, I agree with the all the posts above me. Maybe you could try to give it a break or you could explore other areas in soccer. The talents are vast and need not be in one area. If it still doesn't work. Then you might have to make that decision.

All the best :)
by heiky0711
12 Apr 2013, 18:52
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Striker .
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Re: Striker .

Hello Aiyik, Firstly thank you for this post. I highly encourage to pursue what you want to be that is being a striker through practice and matches. But just a word of caution, if you're playing for a proper football club, be prepare to sacrifice your wants over the manager's or coach's decision. Fo...
by heiky0711
10 Apr 2013, 22:30
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Your Favorite TV Shows
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Re: Your Favorite TV Shows


1. 24
2. Prison Break :D
by heiky0711
13 Mar 2013, 12:47
Forum: Skills
Topic: Juggling Help
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Re: Juggling Help

Thanks Rome_Leader,

Personally, I got used to the curling foot technique. Little by little, i'm trying the using the instep technique. Hopefully, it works.
by heiky0711
19 Feb 2013, 10:01
Forum: Players
Topic: I think United should sell Welbeck
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Re: I think United should sell Welbeck

Hello scottS4, Firstly, thank you for the post. I agree most of the points you've mentioned. However despite that, he is a local player who understands more about the club. This is important for every player namely the first 11 to understand and appreciate the history of the football club which give...
by heiky0711
14 Feb 2013, 11:42
Forum: European Football
Topic: Tactical discussion of a Europan Classic Man Utd vs Madrid
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Re: Tactical discussion of a Europan Classic Man Utd vs Madr

Hello panchester07, Firstly, thank you for bringing up this issue. So, I won't be discussing about Real since hardly watch any of their games which means I am not qualify for this opinion. On the contrary, been watching United's matches consistently and would first, like to highlight their game agai...
by heiky0711
09 Feb 2013, 11:39
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: My Blog
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Re: My Blog

Nice ! :D
by heiky0711
08 Feb 2013, 00:00
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Motivation books-Your view?
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Re: Motivation books-Your view?

Hello p793, I'd like to say thank for sharing your experience which is quite similar to mine. Also, I agree with panchester07 opinion that motivation books do have some good advice. So, I think it could be save by first find out about the author's credibility and reputation before buying or download...
by heiky0711
07 Feb 2013, 00:52
Forum: Skills
Topic: Dribbling past a defender in jockeying position
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Re: Dribbling past a defender in jockeying position

Hello apollo36, Firstly, thank you for your question. So, to start, the objective of dribbling is to find a gap so that you can beat the player. These have various methods such as making the player off-balance, looking for a nutmeg between the legs, reading and anticipating where the defender would ...
by heiky0711
06 Feb 2013, 00:44
Forum: Skills
Topic: ScottS4's new routine
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Re: ScottS4's new routine

Nice, all the best for your training :D
by heiky0711
04 Feb 2013, 15:43
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Messing up in something your usually an expert at
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Re: Messing up in something your usually an expert at

Hello jondaborn, firstly thank you for your question. So to answer your question. This problem is common at any levels in football or freestyle. Currently as a defensive midfielder, I sometimes experienced misplaced tackles and misjudged passes and to think that it is one of those days. Also, you co...