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by Left_Feetz
22 Sep 2006, 17:12
Forum: Skills
Topic: What skills should I work on for Defensive-mid?
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Keep youre eyes on the ball , don't look at the attacker ... always play for the stopper ... listen to the stopper and goalie , they have the best view on the position game ... move forwards when the oppenent as no uncoverd players left ... and in a duel wait till youre oppenent is doing a skill and...
by Left_Feetz
03 Sep 2006, 16:03
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Post Your Boots !
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I haven't found a picture of them ...
but I got Nike Tempo Legend LTD Gold/White
Look between the boots and the ones there are exactly the same as mine :) ... products,0
by Left_Feetz
02 Sep 2006, 08:00
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Sponserd by Nike
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Yea can be ... but they only said Ronaldhino , C. Ronaldo and lots more ...
Thougt Henry would b one of those :?
Can't wait for first session ... 29-30 november ... I can skip school for it :twisted:
by Left_Feetz
01 Sep 2006, 20:58
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: new freestyle website
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wth ?!!
He plays in my team with the FACLA :?
He's my Striker :p
Lol didn't know he had a freestylewebsite : :lol:
He learns me he's freestyle tricks ,, I learn him the dribbling skills
by Left_Feetz
01 Sep 2006, 20:32
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: sweet useful goailie moves
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Scorpion Kick 8)
thats a goalie skill :?

heres a video : ... rpion+kick
by Left_Feetz
01 Sep 2006, 20:27
Forum: Equipment
Topic: shin pads: ankle protection or not?
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Im on the wing to I have 2 run a lot + I use alot of my skills ... and I have to say it myself ... Im good :twisted: ... and if a defender can get a ball they tackle the man ... thats the parts where I get tackled on my ankles ...
and thats the reason I use ankle protectors
by Left_Feetz
01 Sep 2006, 19:24
Forum: Fitness
Topic: how to keep your fitness over the winter?
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Best thing 2 do : Start Playing Indoor Football ( Futsball)
If its impossible 2 do .. Go on vacantion ...or whip away snow if its possible ... or just practice on the street ... somewhere where's no snow
by Left_Feetz
01 Sep 2006, 19:17
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Sponserd by Nike
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Sponserd by Nike

I just have 2 say it ... Im sponserd by Nike now ... I get the latest football stuff from Nike ... from Boots till Socks ... Only thing I have 2 do for it ... play with them every game and like 5-6 times a year I will have 2 go to a training session givin by Pro-Football players like Ronaldhino , Th...
by Left_Feetz
01 Sep 2006, 18:53
Forum: Equipment
Topic: my boots :D
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well steven ... Im the playmaker in my team(s) and I used Nike Talaria's till yesterday ... Im sponserd by Nike since then ... and they did well for corners , free kicks , ... and they have a great touch ... so crossing isn't gonna be a problem ... but now im using Tiempo Legend Ltd and I must say ....
by Left_Feetz
01 Sep 2006, 18:28
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Flick ups
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Nice Flick Ups ... You're creative :p Not many players are that creative you know ... But keep practicing 2 get even better ( if possible ;) )
by Left_Feetz
30 Aug 2006, 15:04
Forum: Players
Topic: Which player has the best dribbling and ball control??
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Bergkamp has idd a nice control ,, but is not THAT good at dribbling ...
So I would go for Thierry Henry .. he is the best at both 8)