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by m_barton_69
15 Feb 2007, 23:24
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Problem Choosing Between Adidas or Nike (help please)
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I would go with the adidas. They are my shoe of choice and always a solid pick.
by m_barton_69
13 Dec 2006, 06:29
Forum: Players
Topic: Cristiano Ronaldo and Diving
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Diving is a big part of the game wheather people like it or not. Soccer is a job for pros and they will try to gain an edge however they can. I also think that Germinho is saying that by "letting yourself go" after being pushed or knocked of the ball to win a free kick, is ok. But, not simulating a ...
by m_barton_69
10 Aug 2006, 20:34
Forum: European Football
Topic: Training bust up; Real Madrid
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It's a shame that a team with such great talent cann't seem to work together.
by m_barton_69
10 Aug 2006, 16:14
Forum: Community
Topic: Your Favorite Quote
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Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow. James Dean

May your hands always be busy. May your feet always be swift. Bob Dylan
by m_barton_69
02 Aug 2006, 17:36
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: In or Out???
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The inside from a foot stall.
by m_barton_69
02 Aug 2006, 02:07
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Zidane Head-butt song
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Zidane Head-butt song

What do you guys think about the Zidane Head-butrt song that is #1 in France? It sonds pretty cool. :D I don't understand the words though :(
by m_barton_69
01 Aug 2006, 14:44
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: LOL check this video
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He's better than half of my high school team. :wink:
by m_barton_69
26 Jul 2006, 04:26
Forum: Players
Topic: David Beckham
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To be captain of you country you have to be a pretty good footballer. He's good at what he does in set pieces and crossing. Not overrated.
by m_barton_69
29 Jun 2006, 02:28
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Italians are the worse cheaters overall
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If your not cheating, your not trying. jk :D
by m_barton_69
22 Jun 2006, 17:02
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Sad day for USA
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Sad day for USA

The USA national team lost to a very impressive Ghana team 2-1. Cladio Reyna had a very costly mistake and so did the referee. Giving up a soft foul in the 46th min. for a PK. I wasn't impressed by the US coaching and their "star" players didn't show up to play.
by m_barton_69
19 Mar 2006, 23:35
Forum: Community
Topic: I need some love life advice
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The best advice I can give you is to just keep lying. No matter what happens don't tell the truth. It works for me.
by m_barton_69
12 Mar 2006, 00:28
Forum: Skills
Topic: PK's
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I look at the side i am going to kick to. The keeper will think that i am looking there to throw him off and go to the oppisite way. But just kick were you look. It's so expected, it's unexpected. :D
by m_barton_69
08 Mar 2006, 20:48
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Freddy adu !!! Should he be in the senior squad
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Their is no way that a player who wasn't a consistant starter for his club team should play in the world cup. He has not played enough to stand a chance. 4 years from now... probably
by m_barton_69
25 Feb 2006, 23:55
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: who is the best team in mexico?
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I don't watch to much mexican football but chivas are very good
by m_barton_69
25 Feb 2006, 23:53
Forum: European Football
Topic: Europe vs. USA fans
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At college basketball games in the US you can see many passionate fans. Like Duke University, there fans are jumping up and down and screaming the whole time.