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by toni_9
14 Jan 2007, 22:58
Forum: Players
Topic: Famous players with number 8
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number 8 first guy comes to mind is Stoichkov maybe cuz im bulgarian but ya or u could try my number 5
by toni_9
15 Dec 2006, 05:15
Forum: Skills
Topic: Training indoor
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ya man just get out there where i play there use to b grass but i ripped it all out with my cleats lol and now that winter is here it gets dark at like 5 but i still go out n play till like 9 and Bizda made a good point i am always playin arround with a ball at home it helps! bottom line is the more...
by toni_9
23 Aug 2006, 01:44
Forum: Competition
Topic: How do you make into worldcup team?
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hey im 14 same country same interests lets hope we see each other on the other side :D
by toni_9
20 Aug 2006, 04:45
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Help needed with parents
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hey ur lucky ur parents actualy let u play soccer my parents are all aginst me playing soccer cuz i was born with my ankles out of place i had 7 surgeries so far but ive always loved soccer n i always will my advise is suck up to em for a couple of days untill things cool down n then they would prob...
by toni_9
20 Aug 2006, 04:11
Forum: Skills
Topic: training with a oppennet of lesser skill
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i think a player with less skill than you is actually very helpful i mean my friend is not so good but i still play with him sure he makes me chase the ball allot but it helps me stay in shape :D
by toni_9
18 Aug 2006, 04:55
Forum: Fitness
Topic: egg whites and egg yolks?
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I think you shouldn't rele care about it that much i mean if you play soccer you will burn most of the bad stuff out :D
by toni_9
15 Aug 2006, 05:29
Forum: Skills
Topic: How to dribble past someone faster and stronger than you?
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when i come up against a bigger guy than me they r usualy more massive and can react slower than me but thats just me
by toni_9
15 Aug 2006, 04:54
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Juggling records
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wow how can u guys juggle so much i don't have patience to go for so long even if a could i do 20 n i alredy wanna blast the ball sumwhere :lol:
by toni_9
15 Aug 2006, 03:58
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: ATW Visual Aid
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nice video man u got skill u should see me tryin to juggle infront of my kitchen :lol:
by toni_9
14 Aug 2006, 04:37
Forum: Skills
Topic: what size ball is the best to dribble with
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hey how about a size 3? what size are the futsal balls? :?