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by rolmo3
02 Oct 2006, 02:27
Forum: Competition
Topic: Do you have to be fast to be a successful player??
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no, you don't. look at ronaldo, hes a fatass but hes great. i think if you work on the basics (passing, dribbling, crossing, shots, etc) you dont need that much speed
by rolmo3
02 Oct 2006, 02:23
Forum: Competition
Topic: the best goal you've scored
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i was going to my friends indoor practice when i was like 8, wearing my and-1 basketball shoes and all, and i was invited to play defence in a scrimmage (cause they were a player down and thought i sucked). The coach said first goal wins and losers have to run. The other team kicked off by kicking t...
by rolmo3
02 Oct 2006, 02:14
Forum: Competition
Topic: whats the most amount of people you had at one of your games
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about 10 fans and 20 parents for our high school team. our town is totally out of soccer :(
by rolmo3
02 Oct 2006, 02:01
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Shinguards
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sleeves work too, you just slide the shinguard in and you're set
by rolmo3
15 Aug 2006, 04:39
Forum: Tactics
Topic: SHOUTING!!!!!!!!111!!
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That happened in one of our games and the ref carded him, so I guess it's bad?
by rolmo3
15 Aug 2006, 04:33
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Legal to block a goalies punt
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I did it before and it counted, so I guess I just got away with a cheap goal haha.