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by king geedorah
29 Jul 2006, 07:04
Forum: User Created
Topic: i am taking requests
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some throwbacks here

last is your best
by king geedorah
29 Jul 2006, 06:59
Forum: Competition
Topic: ODP
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its all political. the whole US system is.

way to help the sport grow :)
by king geedorah
29 Jul 2006, 06:56
Forum: Competition
Topic: Most Demanding Position
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from what i've played (pretty much all but defense/keeper) the outside mid/wingers have got it the roughest..i spent a season out there and it isn't a joke. make runs to drag defenders know you arent getting the ball..then your teamate screws up. sprint. its a constant sprint. in the cente...
by king geedorah
29 Jul 2006, 06:49
Forum: Skills
Topic: Backyard pratice
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a disarray of cones never encounter defenders one behind another...developing sharpness of your cutting through randomly placed cones helps big time.. try to get some wall passing going, with a fence or around a tree. the more you get used to doing it, the more instinctive you will be in...
by king geedorah
29 Jul 2006, 06:42
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Stereotype of Soccer in the USA
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haha i actually find this quite funny, when ridiculed by the big bad american football players. i actually played a pickup game with one of the best recievers in the school..along with some other football players (we're playing american football mind you). not only was i faster than this All Distric...
by king geedorah
29 Jul 2006, 06:33
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Racism
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indeed...the training does seem to steam from what i've heard i know i'm an equal as a player/person..most know that..but the ignorant few that dont are a pain to play with/against. yeah..even teamates joke about hangning me with a noose at practice. its a shame really. and if idon't happen to score...
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 07:18
Forum: Tactics
Topic: What should a striker do when midfielder has the ball?
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i think it comes down to what type of striker you that likes to take it down the line and beat defenders in the corner..or one that likes dribbling down the middle after receiving --personally i'm strong at either or. make sure you use gesticulation as well...let the midfielder know how/w...
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 07:06
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Stomach
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i've eaten a box of Popeyes chicken strips with honey mustard sauce about 30 minutes from kickoff....same game i played absolutely outstanding in.

nothing affects me pre game, bar Pepsi Blue -- that sh!t got me pretty good-- but really, i dont know why it is i can eat anything and not be affected.
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 06:56
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Best Coach in Football?
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Arsene, a great manager where is due, Mourinho is indeed a special one, speaking form his days with Porto (now its just buy him and him..and him).

You've got to love what Lippi has done with the Italian National team though.
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 06:53
Forum: Community
Topic: Off The Topic: Music
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i like reggaeton, but mostly enjoy hip hop, but not the 'main scene' type.. Immortal Technique one of my favorite MC's. Theres also MF Doom (aka Viktor Vaughn, aka King Geedorah), and Cannibal Ox. Albums they have produced that i enjoy: Immortal Technique- Revolutionary Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 MF Doom- MM...
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 06:47
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Racism
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i've had my fair share of racism on the field myself. the 'give me the ball nigger' or the 'stay on the ground where you belong' and of course being spit on just scratches the surface of the racism i've endured --i live in the southern part of the united states, a small city in louisiana that is pra...
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 06:40
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Drinks
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as a detrimental can alcohol be to ones health?
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 06:15
Forum: Community
Topic: A STRIKERS World.
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condition yourself via sprints, jogging, etc. etc.

be prepared for a tough outing at ODP..epecially an age above your own.

keep your feet in tune..make sure to get touches daily before your tryout. try your best and give it all you've got. you should do fine
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 06:04
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: What's your most memorable moment
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..this past January i belive it was. Playing for a mighty 3-11 team --well thats how we finished the season-- i was faced with a team who had previously beaten us 3-1 earlier in the season. The one goal which i did score. anyway, it was half time at 1-1. Finally someone other than myself has scored ...
by king geedorah
28 Jul 2006, 05:33
Forum: Community
Topic: The Fine Print
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and to the Admin or Mod who moved this thread --

a folly on my part; i could not find the introductary area. my apologies