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by speedbump
15 Jun 2005, 05:05
Forum: Players
Topic: Which player you would like to punch in the face
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Alan Smith, Barthez, Totti, C. Ronaldo, Zidane... that's about it. ;-) Unfortunately, three of them play or have played in my favorite english club...
by speedbump
05 Jun 2005, 03:31
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Serbia, hasn't conceded a goal in WC qualifications
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so....can belgium do anything to the blue team (serbia) this weekend? they didn't even score in brussels :D :?: :?: :?: I saw the Serbia game today, and I think you guys got robbed by the ref... Serbia totally deserved the three points with the solid defense and the midfielders' great performance. ...
by speedbump
05 May 2005, 04:45
Forum: European Football
Topic: Games on TV
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PSV vs A.C Milan on ESPN 2 at 2:30 pm eastern time on Wednesday May 4. Did they actually show the game? Because, I'm pretty sure, there was no soccer at that time. They showed some retro basketball BS, instead. I marked the game on my calendar about 2 weeks ago and I was very surprised today... Tha...
by speedbump
25 Apr 2005, 01:57
Forum: Players
Topic: A penalty kick with ur life on the line
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<=== This guy right here, Hristo Stoichkov.
by speedbump
06 Apr 2005, 03:41
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Baggio 1994 penalty?
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Italy shouldn't have played the final in the first place!
by speedbump
03 Apr 2005, 09:12
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Playing with your back to goal
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Re: play with bak to the goal as a striker

my biggest problem is wen i play with my bak to the goal.and wen the ball is pass to me..a defender is always bhind putting pressures on me and then wen the ball is about to come the jus poke it i suppose to run to the ball and let the ball come to me..and how to i play better with my bak ...
by speedbump
03 Apr 2005, 03:17
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Your favorite soccer shoe
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where's 'kelme'?
by speedbump
02 Apr 2005, 21:56
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Individualism over teamwork
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Teamwork of course! Even the best talent is not enough if there's no team to support the player. That's why football is a team sport.

We've all heard about those great stories where a team of no superstars have won a game(s) against "the best there is"... it's all team work!
by speedbump
02 Apr 2005, 05:37
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Your chick... or World Cup tickets?
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how 'bout you get a chick to buy you the tickets... that's even better! ;-)
by speedbump
02 Apr 2005, 05:27
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: What kind of Music do you Listen to before or after a game..
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awesome topic. :) you know how there're certain songs when you hear them you always remember something that has happened to you!? well, i've compiled a CD with songs like that.. some of them are wu-tang's 'gravel pit', faithless - 'insomnia', dr. dre - 'the watcher', coolio - 'i like girls' and so o...
by speedbump
02 Apr 2005, 05:19
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Your pre-game routine
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I always step on the pitch with my left foot first and with my right off of it. I'm a lefty! ;-)
by speedbump
01 Apr 2005, 23:02
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Discuss Luke's Video
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da*n, that's VERY impressive!
by speedbump
01 Apr 2005, 22:49
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Selecting your shot type
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I, as a striker, can tell you that it comes as a natural when deciding how to shoot the ball. It's something that you don't spend much time thinking about on the field and there's no certain formula for success. Like, you never think about it this way... "if I'm within this range I'll shoot with my ...
by speedbump
01 Apr 2005, 21:15
Forum: Community
Topic: Hello from Chicago
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hey, thanks all Hey man, welcome to the site. I'm sure theres alot of peeps that are from Chicago, theres alot of soccer fans there. But is there like alot of Baseball fans there as well? I mean when the Chicago Cubs play in Wrigley field the stadium is jammed packed... Yeah man, there's a lot of ba...
by speedbump
01 Apr 2005, 09:58
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: The best thing you've broken
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nice topic... the most memorable thing i've broken is a window at school. it was about 100 x 150 inches window. it was a loud bang. the cool part is not a single teacher found out who broke it and i got away with it. ;-) I've also smashed a car headlight and a goalie's nose. the last one sucked.. i ...