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by Pokerized
27 Jul 2007, 23:07
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: I think I've invented a new trick
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That's pretty nasty, I have no idea how you grip the ball so well.
by Pokerized
27 Jul 2007, 23:05
Forum: Competition
Topic: Vogelsinger
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Is anyone else going that I might be meeting up with there this coming week? It'd be nice to see a fellow EF Forum member that I could hang out with.
by Pokerized
21 Jul 2007, 16:03
Forum: Equipment
Topic: My review of Nike Ronaldinho 10R's
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They're $150 American. Sorry, should have included that.
by Pokerized
20 Jul 2007, 23:32
Forum: Equipment
Topic: My review of Nike Ronaldinho 10R's
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My review of Nike Ronaldinho 10R's

First Impression When my boots first arrived, and I opened the box, I was amazed. These were the most expensive cleats I had ever bought ($150.00), and needless to say I wasn't disappointed. Nice and white, though I would soon realize that white, with the grass stains and such, was probably the wro...
by Pokerized
11 Jul 2007, 23:30
Forum: Equipment
Topic: V 1.08 Pumas New
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Those are amazing...I want them. Next year, when it's time to buy new cleats, I'm getting those. Holy ****
by Pokerized
26 Jun 2007, 18:53
Forum: Skills
Topic: Most amazing trick you've ever done
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Um...I did it on accident, but a ball was coming from way above me and I went to settle it. I cut the ball backwards with my right foot, but it went wrong and bounced back forward off my left leg. Right past the opponent that was covering me, and I ran around him and passed it off CORRECTLY that tim...
by Pokerized
26 Jun 2007, 18:47
Forum: Skills
Topic: In this topic, we say everything we're BAD at
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Wow, I'm amazed this topic is still going when I made it MONTHS ago back when I was actually in the soccer season. But I feel guilty for not keeping up with it, because I haven't visited this site since then. I've been so busy with track that I completely left this site for a while. But summer socce...
by Pokerized
17 Feb 2007, 19:59
Forum: Skills
Topic: How much has your training routine helped you?
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Over the summer I put together a program that had me practicing about 2 and a half hours a day, 5 days a week. I got at least twice as good, and became captain of my team, something I never would have been able to do otherwise.
by Pokerized
18 Nov 2006, 14:58
Forum: Fitness
Topic: should a cold stop me training?
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A few days off from soccer won't hurt much at all. I was recently out for 3 weeks due to surgury before returning to soccer yesterday and I was still at almost my peak performance. Practicing while you have a cold or flu could potentially really hurt you, so I advise to take days off until you feel ...
by Pokerized
16 Nov 2006, 22:15
Forum: Competition
Topic: Jealousy?????
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The people who are the best get singled out first for a mistake. Always will be.
by Pokerized
14 Nov 2006, 23:10
Forum: Skills
Topic: What's Your Training Routine
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10 minutes - Warm up and stretch 20 minutes - Juggling 20 minutes - Footskills, dribbling with the ball Wall work out (From the FAQ from expert), normally takes about 40 minutes Finishing drill (From the sticky on the Passing and Shooting forum), normally takes about 40 minutes 20 minutes - Footskil...
by Pokerized
13 Nov 2006, 22:04
Forum: Tactics
Topic: How do you play your position
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I play sweeper, and I vary my style a lot. Against teams that try lots of through balls I just wait behind my defense for the balls and gather them up. Against teams that try to play close passing I get way up and mark a man. At the end of the season my coach said he wanted me to play even father up...
by Pokerized
11 Nov 2006, 15:33
Forum: Community
Topic: It's Now or Never
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I'm currently 5'8" and 135 lbs. During now and my junior year I'm expected to gain about 4 inches. So my goal is to be about 6'0" or so and about 175 lbs. But still maintain my speed and endurance. Holy crap, that's exactly me. We're like the exact same person from different states. Both recently s...
by Pokerized
10 Nov 2006, 16:28
Forum: Competition
Topic: is it to late?
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It's probably too late.
by Pokerized
11 Oct 2006, 01:31
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Nike Total 90 swift review
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My friend has a Total 90 in blue. I think it's too light to practice with, but it's a great ball for juggling.