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by IcyFire
13 Aug 2006, 02:46
Forum: Competition
Topic: What makes you special?
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I am the fastest in my league. I play off of instinct, I don't have to think if where to dribble, pass, or shoot the ball, it just comes natural to me. I'm similar in that nearly every move i make is simply instinct and thats how i play the game, although i have good speed im not the fastest in my ...
by IcyFire
18 Jul 2006, 19:05
Forum: Competition
Topic: the best goal you've scored
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my most memorable goal when playing with my friends was when we were playing on a smaller field and smaller goals without goalies so we said u couldn't shoot except from inside this small box near the goal so we all had to dribble and do short passes a lot. my one friend tried to pop the ball up in ...
by IcyFire
18 Jul 2006, 18:56
Forum: Competition
Topic: coach problems
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the only reason for body i've ever heard is height for center forward which shouldn't even matter as long as your the best and speed which if your the best on the team shouldn't matter as well
by IcyFire
18 Jul 2006, 18:54
Forum: Competition
Topic: most goals you've scored in 1 match
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the most i ever scored in an outdoor game against a team of comparable skill was 4. the most in an indoor game against a team of comparable skill was 5. however, in games that weren't against a team that could even come close to us i've scored 8 outdoor and 7 indoor, woulda had more in the indoor bu...