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by belija91
18 Nov 2007, 09:52
Forum: Skills
Topic: touch
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Juggling helps but really juggling is the best way to improve juggling. If you want to train your first touch then get someone to pass the ball to you and then control it with one touch... or.. when you juggle kick the ball high into the air and control it with your first touch and repeat
by belija91
09 Nov 2007, 11:53
Forum: Skills
Topic: i juggled the ball 413 times and i am 14.....
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juggling for a long time has a lot to do with concentration... if you can juggle 100 easily then chances are you can juggle 1000 if you want it bad enough.. keep your eyes glued to the balls at all times... my record was 1518 i think... it gets boring and you start to lose concentration thats when y...
by belija91
25 Aug 2007, 05:02
Forum: Skills
Topic: looking down at the ball while dribbling
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Well said ajc I agree completely.
by belija91
23 Aug 2007, 12:27
Forum: Skills
Topic: lack of pace
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If you want to try and compensate for your lack of pace by training other things you can, but I suggest you work on speed. With a speed/strength training program, not only will you be faster, but you should get bigger, stronger and become much better player.
by belija91
23 Aug 2007, 12:16
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Training the hamstring
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It is very important that you stretch it because if you constantly ignore it and train with the tightness/pain/stiffness over time it will cause your hamstring to weaken, you could cause a muscle imbalance. My suspicion is it is bearing too much force and is just getting tighter and tighter. Your gl...
by belija91
21 Aug 2007, 09:51
Forum: Community
Topic: What is soccer to you?
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football is what I know.. and what I love... Football is what I dream and what I breathe and I can't imagine my life without it. Since noone in the world knows the meaning of life, football is something that gives me meaning. It's the passion inside you that always burns, when all else seems to be f...
by belija91
19 Aug 2007, 14:45
Forum: English football
Topic: Manchester United: Poor Form this season?
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haha yeh it just finished 15 mins ago or so.. Tevez had a bad game.. man u were dominating but they just couldn't score
by belija91
18 Aug 2007, 03:40
Forum: Skills
Topic: lack of pace
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Its been covered before, search the forums for:

plyometrics, speed training, strength training etc.
by belija91
18 Aug 2007, 02:30
Forum: Fitness
Topic: want wider shoulders
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work out your pecs, deltoids, trapezuz and you back muscles... Pushups and chinups are a good way to start
by belija91
17 Aug 2007, 14:01
Forum: Competition
Topic: Amateur, Semi Pro, Pro
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What separates Amateur leagues from semi-pro is money. More money = better players which can contribute to a faster game. The semi-pro clubs get recognized over-seas while the Amateurs don't. They would have connections to overseas clubs as well. For example a Italian supported team in one country, ...
by belija91
17 Aug 2007, 07:08
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: juggling record
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mine is something like 1600... to me after 1000 it becomes pointless... you start to feel like you are not gaining anything.. just getting your legs tired..
by belija91
15 Aug 2007, 14:23
Forum: Fitness
Topic: cycling or running?
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running burns more fat than cycling...
by belija91
15 Aug 2007, 09:47
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Sore quads after training
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It could be because you have increased your training quickly in a short amount of time. Your legs aren't use to it. Just apply heat and massage them and make sure you stretch that's important. Over time you won't be as sore, I haven't trained in months and yesterday was my first training session bac...
by belija91
13 Aug 2007, 05:08
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Knee Joint feeling weak
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It is unlikely to be osgood shattler disease unless you have had a growth spurt recently. Osgood occurs because your bones grow to fast for your tendons and I don't think that's you case. Also your symptoms don't match up. I'm no specialist either but I know a lot about knees. You don't have patella...
by belija91
12 Aug 2007, 13:06
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: Sydney vs LA
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thanks truesocceroo, do you know where I can buy them online? If not, where can you go to get them?