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by Soccer4Life
28 Jun 2011, 14:21
Forum: Skills
Topic: The Cadillac program for developing skill
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Looks like it's worth a 5 to me...
by Soccer4Life
27 Jun 2011, 21:37
Forum: Competition
Topic: Back-Up Plan?
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There's absolutely no reason why you can't continue your education while simultaneously remaining dedicated to an intense level of training. You'd need time management skills, but I think anyone who has ever been in high school or junior high while training daily has developed this.
by Soccer4Life
13 May 2011, 01:56
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Post Fitness Routine Meal?
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You are implementing some flawed logic here. Yes, some people will argue that you can't gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. However, this is a highly debated topic. Furthermore, you are falsely attributing "working out" to simply building muscle and not burning fat. Really, it is your...
by Soccer4Life
12 Sep 2010, 06:38
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Eat, eat eat.
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Don't worry it's natural to be hungry when you're a teenager. If you're hungry, you should eat. Pretty simple.
by Soccer4Life
07 Sep 2010, 21:05
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Mental Training and You!: A Very Roman Guide
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To be honest, that picture didn't exactly gather my undivided attention :?
by Soccer4Life
27 Jul 2010, 20:17
Forum: Fitness
Topic: how many miles should you run at age 14
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The reason people do heart rate training, is because your body flips into anaerobic mode, whenever your heart rate exceeds a certain level, this is generally above 80% of your max. Below this however is aerobic, and doing aerobic work does many things. Just to make a quick comment, people often see...
by Soccer4Life
23 May 2010, 22:13
Forum: Fitness
Topic: My Diet, good or bad?
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Cut out peanut butter? No! Organic, non-processed peanut butter is one of the healthiest foods out there. I'd keep my serving size to 1-2 Tbsp because it is calorie dense but by no means does caloric density equate to it being unhealthy.
by Soccer4Life
23 May 2010, 22:04
Forum: Skills
Topic: How often do you train?
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- Three times a week with the team (4-5 when in preparation for large events) - Twice a week in the gym (weights, treadmill sprints, some agility work) - Juggling, dribbling, and wall work periodically - Once weekly long distance run (more for personal reasons and a mental release) This is just what...
by Soccer4Life
14 Jan 2010, 01:47
Forum: Skills
Topic: "The very begining" Routine
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First of all, since you are new, I would recommend focusing more time on developing skills than the physical aspects such as speed, strength, and endurance. I recommend you watch games (on tv is fine, but in real life is better, if you have the option of watching a local team) to get a better idea o...
by Soccer4Life
11 Jan 2010, 00:38
Forum: Skills
Topic: juggling drills
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My drills: *Regular juggling *Tennis ball juggling *Right-foot\Left-foot only *High-low (4-6 normal touches, then hit it 2-3x your height) *Juggling while walking\running *Sit down juggling Optional: *Maradona 7 (right foot, right thigh, right shoulder, head, left shoulder, left thigh, left foot) *F...
by Soccer4Life
29 Dec 2009, 20:02
Forum: Fitness
Topic: push ups
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Guys! I never said that weightlifting was the only important thing. Nutrition is really number one, no question in my mind and I think both conditioning and strength are pretty close (at least in the mens game, I could easily get by without much strength training). Icy, I researched for a little on ...
by Soccer4Life
29 Dec 2009, 19:38
Forum: Fitness
Topic: will stretching everyday make me faster?
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Yes, but its not like one week of stretching and all the sudden you're Theo Walcott. Dedication to a program over a long time period of several months and you will be much more efficient in the categories of speed, quickness, and agility. It is definitely worth it, but you must be aware of this so a...
by Soccer4Life
29 Dec 2009, 19:34
Forum: Fitness
Topic: How much minutes can you run without stopping?
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When i was 14 i done a 6 Mile run on the beach in donegal in 30-35 minutes. I thought that was brilliant seeing as its much harder to run in sand than in normal, its also unbelievably windy on the beach. That was a run at a quite high tempo and i still think i could have gone on for much longer. I ...
by Soccer4Life
28 Dec 2009, 15:59
Forum: Awards
Topic: EF 2009 Awards
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You guys should make a category for "User Who Previously Contributed, but No Longer Does So with Any Regularity" just so that I have a shot at winning something. I'd like to second that. Eh, I'm at least pretending to have a life now You know you want a "Wishes they had a life outsid...
by Soccer4Life
27 Dec 2009, 19:18
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Increasing Acceleration/Speed - U14 Player
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Zlatan5 wrote:Icy, the arm movement has something to do with the circulatory system. The lean is the forward direction. My fault, I wasn't clear in my explanation.
I was under the notion that arm movement simply helped propel one forward quicker. It is also a much more logical and fluid movement.