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by Bobton
14 Nov 2006, 08:36
Forum: Skills
Topic: something is wrong
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Re: hey

if you dribble to much ppl start talking trash. So just remeber that theyre are haters, and also remeber to just play your game. My brother was talking about when he coached a team a few years back. Everytime at practice, one of his players during a scrimmage kept hogging the ball. My brother was t...
by Bobton
14 Nov 2006, 07:59
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Differing Leg Flexibility
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Differing Leg Flexibility

I've been practicing shotting since about July, and I've went from just kicking the ball to a few days ago being able to put no spin on the ball and fairly good accuracy (just need to learn topspin from a groundkick now). However, I've noticed when I lie in bed my right leg is now wayy more flexible...
by Bobton
07 Oct 2006, 19:11
Forum: Skills
Topic: Is it too late that I improve my soccer skill ?
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I'm 18, I started 4 months ago, and I can play better than people who've played for years. This includes tricks, passing, shooting, sprinting, etc.

You're 13, you wont be able to play better until you stop asking questions like this and just practice.
by Bobton
02 Oct 2006, 02:05
Forum: Players
Topic: The worst divers in the world
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Sort of like your situation with Rooney. He had a couple dives in the world cup that allowed France to advance to the final. I find that people just overate him alot, and I hate Arsenal, so that doesn't help I guess. Puyol fouled him, and that was the only thing close to a dive he did during the WC...
by Bobton
23 Sep 2006, 18:53
Forum: Fitness
Topic: anerobic exerises or aerboic?
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Soccer4Life wrote:I don't think long distance makes you faster, I thought that it makes you slower.
no it doesn't, if it did then no one would be running :roll:
by Bobton
29 Aug 2006, 19:19
Forum: Skills
Topic: Skills Guide--Get past your oppenent easy and quick!!
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hocus pocus, you just pass it with the inside of your right foot behind your left leg, then turn your body to the right slightly, catch the ball on your instep, then drive your leg up. If you find the ball hits your stationary foot then just at the start put your stationary foot at a slight angle. I...
by Bobton
08 Aug 2006, 06:22
Forum: Players
Topic: Zidane or Ronaldinho
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old topic... Zidane v Ronaldinho isn't much of a hard one. Zidane is my pick definately. Ronaldinho underperformed this year and when everyone expected Zidane, including me, to crumble due to age he outshone a lot of players (including most of the Brazilians). He stepped up a number of times and pro...
by Bobton
08 Aug 2006, 06:11
Forum: Players
Topic: Which player has the best dribbling and ball control??
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Zidane for ball control, Ronaldhino for dribbling
by Bobton
08 Aug 2006, 06:08
Forum: Players
Topic: Ronaldhino's teeth
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Brazilians dont care about their physical appearance, they just wanna play football
It IS a stereotype.
by Bobton
02 Aug 2006, 06:28
Forum: Skills
Topic: Can anyone make a knuckle and dip guide
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when I kick a shot with topspin I push it forward along the ground a little before I follow through. That seems to be the only way I can do it...
by Bobton
26 Jul 2006, 01:09
Forum: Fitness
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more muscle weight in legs = slower? How does that work?
by Bobton
24 Jul 2006, 04:23
Forum: Skills
Topic: Mental thoughts about dribbling/excecution of moves?
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you should be able to do a move without looking at the ball, and by just doing it without thought. When you're comfortable actually doing it without putting thought into it, you should be able to pull it off. I can do most things practicing, half of them in actual game mode, but for me the best move...
by Bobton
22 Jul 2006, 20:28
Forum: Skills
Topic: improving my jumping when heading.
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I was told that jumping on your heels will increase your vertical height overtime. I don't know if it does however.
by Bobton
22 Jul 2006, 18:46
Forum: Skills
Topic: JDefoe's shooting guide
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Can someone clarify the knee position? Does the knee have to be right over the ball or ahead of it when you begin to drive through it The red dot being the patella, black line the leg and the circle the ball. With B I get a fairly fast shot with 0 al...
by Bobton
22 Jul 2006, 18:33
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Zidane wtf....
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*~El Maestro~* wrote: I was reading the newspapers a couple of weeks back and zizou's mom was quoted to have said that she wanted Materazzi's testicles handed to her on a plate for what he said. Nasty.
I read that somewhere too, but I thought it was from a tabloid?