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by Ohene
09 Jun 2006, 16:00
Forum: World Cup
Topic: african qualifying zone
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dooglas wrote:why do they all play in europe?

its becuz as teams africa is not exciting.
Why dont you ask yourself why Europe would be willing to pay millions of Euros for Africans and South Americans?? How many Asians or Americans do you see in Euro leagues smart quy???
by Ohene
08 Jun 2006, 22:08
Forum: World Cup
Topic: "Brazil" why do they always win the word cup...
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brazil always wins the world cup for 2 reason. the first everyone plays soccer like in italy and england and a lot of european coutries. the difference is that the european countries are small and brazil i huge which gives it a good chance of having good players Actually, you can ask the Brazilians...