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28 Sep 2007, 23:01
Forum: Skills
Topic: blocking shots
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blocking shots

Hey, does anyone have any tips on how to effectively block shots and crosses from attackers? I play defence, usually center, but I prefer the wings, and I have a hard time blocking quick shots and crosses into the box. I rarely get beat by attackers and when I do I recover really fast, but my proble...
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27 Jan 2007, 17:20
Forum: Skills
Topic: What to do whn defending against 2 attackers
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Try to keep him running, give him a bit of room to run but not too much, and try to force him off to the side. I am not too great at blocking passes, but I rarely get beat by an attacker on the run, so my main goal would be to try to force him off and let him run rather than pass. He is still going ...
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14 Jan 2007, 21:47
Forum: Skills
Topic: Help With Juggling
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Help With Juggling

I was wondering how long should I be practicing juggling a day if I want to see results in a month or two. It has always been something that I wanted to work on, and over the past two weeks or so I've been doing a little bit, around 20 minutes a day when I take a break from studying. I'm hoping to b...
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14 Nov 2006, 04:15
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Mile time
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If you time yourself while doing laps you can keep up a better pace. I try to set up my laps at a 15 second time limit and then I know if I have to speed up a bit or slow down to maintain speed.
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17 Sep 2006, 21:21
Forum: Tactics
Topic: I get nervous :(
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I went through a similar stage when I was about 13. I couldn't run through anyone, messed up easy shots, and couldn't find my place in the game. I had a really successful season the year before, and then the next year the results brought me down mentally. Really, it was a confidence issue. On my roa...
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14 Sep 2006, 00:32
Forum: Skills
Topic: Are you left or right footed?
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I'm right footed, but I use my left whenever I need to do something quick. I remember one year I acutally scored more with my left than right. However, on spot kicks I prefer using my right. I can kick like Roberto Carlos with my left tho :P just that its less powerful and not as deadly.
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08 Sep 2006, 00:05
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Running to Burn Fat
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Running to Burn Fat

If I want to burn fat by running, how hard, long, and frequent do I need to run to get the best results. Right now, I can run about 2 miles in about 12 minutes, but I get really tired. I've been able to do a 30 min run at a much slower pace, without too much trouble. Also, should I mix it up a bit w...
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01 Aug 2006, 01:48
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Want to run more miles?
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Do you take any breaks during the run? How fast should I go 80% speed? 50% speed? (100% = sprint)
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11 Jul 2006, 21:34
Forum: World Cup
Topic: World Cup Theme Song
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World Cup Theme Song

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was wondering if anyone knows the song that is played after every match, right after it ends.
by Legend
16 Jun 2006, 02:06
Forum: Fitness
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How did the ball make contact with your eye? Or is just a hit in the face enough?
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16 Jun 2006, 02:02
Forum: Fitness
Topic: allergies
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I get allergies, but really the only effect I get is breating constrictions, which seem to come when ever I take a break, but when I get back in to the game, my concentration makes me forget about it and I play fine, the same thing happens when I'm sick too :? However, I don't take anything, so I ju...
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08 Jun 2006, 03:57
Forum: Competition
Topic: High school or premeir
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If you think soccer is what you want to focus on soccer for life, then go premier, but if you want to play soccer for fun and still want a challenge, choose high school, because it gives you something to add to your resume and scholarships.
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08 Jun 2006, 03:54
Forum: Skills
Topic: Mind
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Try not to worry about missing, just try to get the shot in. If you want to stay calm, try not to be under pressure by giving yourself more time. Don't take too long with the ball or a defender will be on you right away. Proper technique also helps.
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08 Jun 2006, 03:48
Forum: Community
Topic: wht sport do u stink at
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Probably only hockey for me, I can play every other sport pretty well, but usually I have a major flaw in other sports, such as I can dribble and pass in basketball really good, but I shoot really bad. and in baseball I can catch and hit great, but I suck at throwing. I play volleyball really funny ...
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06 Jun 2006, 03:57
Forum: Equipment
Topic: whats your fav brand!!!
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Views: 27067 Umbro yet lol, but I like them because the shoes seem to fit my feet better. I like Nike everything else tho.