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by sgfresh13
08 May 2006, 04:57
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Shaving your legs
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I think its pretty gay for non-understandable purposes...but what ever tickle your guy's pickles
by sgfresh13
06 May 2006, 17:06
Forum: Community
Topic: what is your nationality?
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Sraight up American.
by sgfresh13
06 May 2006, 01:00
Forum: Competition
Topic: High School Soccer
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Yea..that is a samrt descicion...Though your club team might be way better your best chance of getting into a good college and missing one season wont affect you as much as missing high school soccer will...Also if you are good enough and could make varsity as soon as freshmen or varsity year it wil...
by sgfresh13
04 May 2006, 01:43
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Juggling a Basketball?
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Juggling a Basketball?

Will juggling a basketball for like 5 minutes before freestyin help you freestyle better??
Just wonderin wht you guys think...
by sgfresh13
02 May 2006, 00:51
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: "chinlone"
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Yea...there is already a topic on this......
by sgfresh13
25 Apr 2006, 04:48
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Lower stomach muscle strain or sports hernia??
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I dont really know that much,butjust a thoguht..

It could be your appendix or something. Hope it gets beter :)
by sgfresh13
24 Apr 2006, 04:29
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Cheaper versions of nice boots
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i Have a pair of the cheap predators(blue/white) and a pair ofthe nice micheal owens and i like the predators better...I think it all depends about the way the feel and how you feel when you wear them, For Example if you buy the better ones you might feel faster on your feet or better, but it might ...
by sgfresh13
23 Apr 2006, 05:19
Forum: Skills
Topic: Your way of beating defenders
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I think the best way to beat a defender is to make him turn his hips one way and go the other way :lol: :lol:
by sgfresh13
23 Apr 2006, 04:19
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Soccer: a game of the Mind?
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basketball is probably second on my list. there is less space, and less players, which is my main reason for putting it lower than football. not making assumptions or anything, but you probaly havent played high school football or anything, but it takes waay more thinking in basketball. For basketb...
by sgfresh13
21 Apr 2006, 19:36
Forum: Equipment
Topic: How many pair of soccer boots do you own?
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Addidas Predators(Blue/White0

Mike Owens(Red/white)
by sgfresh13
21 Apr 2006, 06:16
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Who are You supporting for the World cup?
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USA... I mean who else???
by sgfresh13
19 Apr 2006, 16:27
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: do u belive in aliens and other living species?
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....their has got to be something else living out their in space, i mean its huge and we dont even know how big it is....i mean we cant be the only ones...
by sgfresh13
18 Apr 2006, 22:15
Forum: Community
Topic: wht sport do u stink at
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Basketball...enough said
by sgfresh13
18 Apr 2006, 21:54
Forum: Competition
Topic: Leftyskills or rightyskills?
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Lefty at everythihng.... :) :)
by sgfresh13
17 Apr 2006, 23:22
Forum: Players
Topic: who is the biggest young talent in world football today?
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Rooney is he hasnt reached is full potential, but i think c. ronaldo has a major amount of room to improve and maybe even surpass roooney :shock: :D :P 8)