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by RMCFKevin
30 Mar 2010, 02:56
Forum: Skills
Topic: Your method of getting past the defender
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I'm a fast tall guy so I just run at them head on, slow down a bit as I approach them, knock the ball around them and make them try to outrun me. Here's the catch, they can't :wink: Plain and simple but like someone said earlier play to your strengths. I do not have extremely quick feet but I know h...
by RMCFKevin
17 Jun 2009, 21:39
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Post Your Boots !
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Umbro SX Valor At first when I began using these shoes I thought they were horrible. It felt like I had to re-teach my self how to juggle because I struggled doing keep ups. However I got used to them within about two week...
by RMCFKevin
29 Oct 2008, 14:15
Forum: Skills
Topic: Tips for taking Penalty Kicks?
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Thanks alot for your tips guys!!!
by RMCFKevin
28 Oct 2008, 22:20
Forum: Skills
Topic: Tips for taking Penalty Kicks?
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Tips for taking Penalty Kicks?


Does anybody have any good tips for taking penalty kicks? You want to strike the ball cleanly like any other shot with power? Any help appreciated thanks!
by RMCFKevin
20 Oct 2008, 22:40
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Healthy Foods Guide
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Healthy Foods Guide

Sorry if one of these has been posted, I tried the search engine but it did not work Basically, I want t make a guide for foods that are healthy and why they are healthy for soccer players who are trying to improve their game or build lean muscle and look good (abs, arms, etc). I will be working on...
by RMCFKevin
13 Oct 2008, 15:58
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Stomach Cramps
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Stomach Cramps

I know this isn't a serious injury but the other day I began to cramp up in the stomach about 10 minutes into a game. I was able to work through it ok and finished the half (45 minutes).

I felt fine after the game and I do now but does anyone know what causes these or how to prevent them?
by RMCFKevin
13 Oct 2008, 14:49
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Pre-Game Music Playlist
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1) Chapter 4- Avenged Sevenfold
2) Alive- POD
3) Stand Up- Trapt
4) Rose of Sharyn- Killswitch Engage
5) Chop Suey- System of a Down
6) Needles- System of a down
7) Club Foot- Kasabian
8 ) La Copa La Vida- Ricky Martin
9) Ready to go- Republica
10) My curse- Killswitch Engage
by RMCFKevin
13 Oct 2008, 14:11
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Road to becoming a freestyler
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If you're really struggling at juggling with your opposite foot, here's an easy drill to practice that I've found helpful. 1) Pick up the ball with your hands and drop it to your opposite foot. 2) Kick the ball back up into your hands with your opposite foot. 3) Repeat Do this for just a few minutes...
by RMCFKevin
29 Sep 2008, 00:13
Forum: European Football
Topic: Milan vs Inter
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AC Milan did a great job killing the clock. In particular the Inter defenders could not take the ball off of Kaka in the remaining minutes.
by RMCFKevin
23 Sep 2008, 01:15
Forum: Community
Topic: A Bit About You
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Name: Kevin
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: K-Block
Location: Ohio
Year Born: 1900
Favourite Soccer Club: Real Madrid, USA National Team
Favourite Player: David Beckham
Playing Football Since: Just started
Freestyling Since: ^^
Other Hobbies: everything
by RMCFKevin
21 Sep 2008, 02:13
Forum: Community
Topic: please read before posting
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That was hilarious but informative at the same time!