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by Steve the greatest
30 May 2006, 09:00
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Nike Joga Bonito
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I bought the Joga Bonito ball yesterday and was playing on tarmac for a few hours and the edges of each hexagon were quite worn already. So i dont think they will be too good on cement. I practice with it in the house though and it seems alright.
by Steve the greatest
15 Apr 2006, 09:12
Forum: Players
Topic: 100m sprint ,who is fastest?????
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9.8secs is dam fast , it seems toog ood to be true.Iwould have thought that Thierry Henry would be faster then Carlos , but if he was he would be beating world records.
by Steve the greatest
07 Apr 2006, 12:01
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Field Position in Relation to Freestyling...
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I would say that it doesnt really matter where you play , as freestyling can help your ball control which can help erveywhere on the pitch. I have certainly noticed my skill on the pitch improve since i started freestyling and i can beat defenders far easier now that i have a higher level of ball co...
by Steve the greatest
06 Apr 2006, 18:30
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Fun with music..
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I tend to listen to drum and bass tracks when i play football or freestyle. I like the song on the super syed and kamalio vid ( on the kamalio part ) , it really does fit in with the tricks , but does anyone actually know the song? I think it might...
by Steve the greatest
06 Apr 2006, 18:19
Forum: Pick-up Soccer
Topic: No one to play with
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Where I live in England pretty much everyone plays Football so you can go out on any day and expect to find and join a small game. I go out every day and play football for a couple of hours , and we have intervals where we show off our skills. Im assuming that over in America not many people play fo...
by Steve the greatest
06 Apr 2006, 18:13
Forum: Competition
Topic: When did you start taking football seriously?
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I started playing football at the age of ten and have played for my local club since, but i have really been practicing a lot over the last few months. My friends around where I live are very good footballers and we are all competitive and I dont want to get left behind by them so I have gone a bit ...