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by edma
16 Jul 2006, 04:32
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Full MATCHES
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yeah..where can i watch live matches online?
by edma
16 Jul 2006, 04:17
Forum: Players
Topic: Your dream team + World Cup XI
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Zambrotta----Cannavaro-------John terry----------Lahm
by edma
16 Jul 2006, 04:04
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Best goal (2006 world cup)
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for me, there a lot of gerat goals, and this is my opinion

1. maxi Rodriguez
2. grosso
3. frings
4. gerard
5. kaka'
by edma
16 Jul 2006, 03:55
Forum: World Cup
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from newspaper yesterday, i read that matterazi said something bad to zidane. the rumours said that maybe matterazi said that zidane is terrorist and something bad about zidane mother and his sister. but matterazi denied the speculation. i didnt know either, but i think everybody will feel angry if ...
by edma
16 Jul 2006, 03:38
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Fantasy Premeirship
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when the premierleague new season start?
by edma
08 Apr 2006, 10:42
Forum: Skills
Topic: Good attacker
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as i know,if u face a good dribler, just dont rush to get the ball.hold and stay in a perfect position(not too close not too far) from the dribler. calm and read the dribler movement.dont get fool by fake movement...
by edma
06 Mar 2006, 10:17
Forum: Skills
Topic: Beating defenders standing sideways
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at first be relax, dont let defend presure u. make sure the ball is near your feet. watch the defend movement and ready to make move when defend relax. the opportunity to defend to relex maybe small, but use the small opportunity to beat defend. if u still cant beat him, just pass the ball. maybe 1-...
by edma
06 Mar 2006, 10:10
Forum: Skills
Topic: practice
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u cannot master soccer in 1 day or 1 month or even 1 year. i take long time to improve urself. i believe that all the profesional player as we can see today, they work hard for years so they can play high level soccer. dont give up. if u had ur own team, practice soccer everyday. if there are tourna...
by edma
27 Feb 2006, 12:17
Forum: User Created
Topic: my signature
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can anybody teach me how to make a signature and attach the signature? i'm new in the internet stuff..hehe :oops:
by edma
27 Feb 2006, 11:55
Forum: Skills
Topic: Practising defending by your self
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hi..i'm a defender for my university team. my opinion is u need to practice it with your team member. defender is not alone mark the striker/forward. i think is defend is teamwork. if u being passed, your teamate will support u. for individual defensive training suggestion is try to practice with a ...
by edma
14 Oct 2005, 11:40
Forum: Skills
Topic: In House Practicing
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In House Practicing

now is my rain season in my country and i cant play football coz it always rain. the field that i use to play football full of water. so i decided to practice in my room@my house.anybody have a tips about how we can pratice in a small places...
by edma
14 Oct 2005, 11:37
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: AFC
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i'm asian, i'm from malaysia, but i dont know where can i get a real time resource about what happen to asian football.can anyone help me?
by edma
18 Jul 2005, 16:12
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Can i get taller
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in this case i also short(about 1.63m) in the past about 3 years ago. maybe coz i'm asian. but that its not the main problem. i play the last defend for my university and tall players get hard to get close to our goal. now after i take the advice from my biology teacher to drink milk and take multi-...
by edma
18 Jul 2005, 16:00
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Summer break training routine
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i dont know how hot ur summer is but my opinion are to make a timetable what are u want to do everyday for ur summer. maybe on monday u can jog in the morning and improve ur jugling in the evening. on tuesday...and so on.
by edma
18 Jul 2005, 15:49
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Do big thighs make you run slower?
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i also agreed with romania_soccer. its depends how strong ur muscle is. if u thighs only big with fat, it can make us run slow.