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by shane472
13 Jun 2006, 01:17
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Tomorrow at 11:00 am my life stops
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There has been so many penalties that haven't been called this tournement. It's seems the refs are afraid. Ghana should have had AT LEAST two penalty kicks. Ghana would have won and ripped Italy apart if they had just a little oranization in their counter attacks . Or if they'd been able to hit the...
by shane472
14 Apr 2006, 18:08
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Sore Knee
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Sore Knee

I've just gotten back into playing after about a year and a half of inactivity. In the past week I've spent about 4hrs a day playing and while practicing crosses today I started experiencing some pain in my right knee (I kick with my right foot). There's a bit of swelling around the sides and back a...