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by hackr17
23 Apr 2005, 01:32
Forum: Players
Topic: New goalie for Man Utd??
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i don't think casillas will want to join man U. or maybe he will due to REal's no win of any silverware this season.

i don't think it;s always the carolls or howard's fault. the manU defense is good but compare it to chelsea
by hackr17
23 Apr 2005, 01:28
Forum: Players
Topic: fastest?
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i would agree with JDEFOE. henry is fast as hell and really runs like an olympic sprinter.
by hackr17
23 Apr 2005, 01:27
Forum: Players
Topic: A penalty kick with ur life on the line
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i would definitely pick ronaldinho. he really is tricky when he takes the penalties.

i really would not choose beckam. i don't think we would want another repeat of EURO 04
by hackr17
23 Apr 2005, 01:25
Forum: Players
Topic: do you think beckham is overrated?
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watching beck play is really boring. if you see him play in real he really doesn't move around much. compare him to the likes of figo who is the complete opposite.

still i like beck but not as much when he was in ManU
by hackr17
23 Apr 2005, 01:22
Forum: Players
Topic: Best and worst managers
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i think man utd will struggle a lot next season. although i'm a huge fan of them i don't think sir alex fergie is using his players efficiently.

i also think Benitez is shocking. yeh ok so what if they are doing well in the champions league. look at where they are in the premier league
by hackr17
03 Apr 2005, 01:36
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: Mexico vs. USA-World Cup Qualifier!!!!!
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who's higher on the FIFA world rankings?
by hackr17
03 Apr 2005, 01:35
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Nike football site
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it's by far the best football site.

but the problem is they always update new things and don't keep older things in it
by hackr17
03 Apr 2005, 01:34
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: The best soccer video game
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yeh most of my friends say winning eleven is much better. But i haven't played it yet. FIFA 05 isn't too bad although i think the game does have some problems
by hackr17
03 Apr 2005, 01:33
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: Ronaldinho just signed with a Mexican team
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you excited me when i saw the news.

but good job
by hackr17
03 Apr 2005, 01:28
Forum: Skills
Topic: Clearing the ball
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some guys i know that do weights said that you should only do weights if you can do 50 push ups. interesting
by hackr17
03 Apr 2005, 01:26
Forum: Tactics
Topic: How do you play your position
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i play centre back and i guess i'm more of a attacking defender.
i'm small so i try to use a lot of my speed rather than strength.
by hackr17
31 Mar 2005, 10:36
Forum: Players
Topic: Di Canio the fascist.
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yeh neo-nazism and football are interrelated in some aspects. Look at real madrid fans in spain. a lot of them have banners supporting neo-nazism
by hackr17
29 Mar 2005, 04:00
Forum: World Cup
Topic: France
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have you seen france's performance lately? NOT so good at all. it's really unlucky because they are really a good team but they just aren't performing well anymore. i think they are slightly overrated because they are still very high on FIFA's rankings considering their poor performances in WC 2002 ...
by hackr17
29 Mar 2005, 03:55
Forum: Players
Topic: USA......
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in the US soccer is VERY popular with females i heard. more popular than male soccer in the US.
by hackr17
29 Mar 2005, 03:54
Forum: Players
Topic: Best and worst managers
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Best and worst managers

Mourinho is a very fine manager. although he's arrogant and stubborn he is honest. you don't want those managers who also say the same cliches. they get really boring. I don't like Sven Goran and Luis Aragones. i don't think Sven has showed anything good with the English team and Aragones is a racis...