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by AZN allstar
23 Mar 2005, 15:54
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Topic: Thank you!
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Thank you!

Thank you everyone who has responded to my topics it's help me alot and I've been playing alot better and I should be in Varsity soon because of that and I thank you all that help! :D
by AZN allstar
05 Mar 2005, 19:21
Forum: Community
Topic: Hey, I'm AZN
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Hey, I'm AZN

What's going on!? :D I've played since .................... I can't remember :D I played on the same rec team since I started playing and our team has gone to state 2 times and placed 2nd the first time and I don't even want to talk about the second time because we did BAD :cry: . We played select ...
by AZN allstar
05 Mar 2005, 01:08
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Can't perform in competative events
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I sort of know how you feel

The same thing seems to happens to me when I play I can't get anything right and I'm always messing up! :cry: I also have a cofidence problem too but no one tells me that I'm bad but I know they're thinking it when I mess up and because I know they're thinking that I lose all self cofidence in myse...
by AZN allstar
05 Mar 2005, 00:52
Forum: Competition
Topic: Making too many mistakes
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Making too many mistakes

Lately I been having problems playing soccer. When I play it seems like I can't do anything right :cry: . I don't want to quit because I love :D the sport so I was hoping someone could give me a little bit of advice on what I should do.