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by hopeunited
20 Mar 2006, 02:11
Forum: Community
Topic: Top 3 Bands/ Artists
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Green Day
Sum 41

I respect Eminem a lot... and his songs are extremely entertaining.
by hopeunited
17 Mar 2006, 02:53
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Record Juggling
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192 :oops: I was going on for more but had to rub my eye because too much internet beforehand. :p

everytime I either get bored or lose concentration :cry:
by hopeunited
17 Mar 2006, 02:44
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: how to do this flick up?
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hey can someone teach me how to do the heel pop? where you step on the ball and roll ur foot forward over the ball to "pop" it up with your heel.

by hopeunited
17 Mar 2006, 02:03
Forum: Community
Topic: hey
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I'm new here too. Didn't wanna bother making a new thread. Hi guys! This site is great, lots of useful info, very helpful!
by hopeunited
17 Mar 2006, 01:56
Forum: Community
Topic: Im new here - Introduction (to wanna be pros like me)
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hey man nice to meet you. Which club did you play for in Canada? Provincial youth level or men's league? And what school did you get a scholarship from?

It's nice to meet someone close to being pro like you lol. Good luck with it.