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by Mr_Futsal
19 Aug 2008, 02:06
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Religion
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I understand what your trying to say. I believe God gave us free will. God knows all the choices we were going to face in life and he knew the decicions we were going to make.
So we Still have free will, but God already knows what our decisions are going to be. Does that make sense?
by Mr_Futsal
18 Aug 2008, 23:57
Forum: Community
Topic: wht sport do u stink at
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haha Basketball. Getting a lil better though :p
by Mr_Futsal
13 Aug 2008, 01:59
Forum: Skills
Topic: Is it to late for me? (Concerned About my age)
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IF you really want it, and put in the hard yards.. Your going to go somewhere if not all the way :D Get started and stick to it and things will happen
by Mr_Futsal
13 Aug 2008, 01:46
Forum: Skills
Topic: how do i prevent getting beaten by quick turns?
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Practice against friends. Thats the only way
by Mr_Futsal
13 Aug 2008, 01:40
Forum: Skills
Topic: Jockeying Tackling
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There is no answer.
If the Attacker is dribbling with the ball out to his right, your not going to move your right foot all the way over to get the ball. This would wrong foot you and if he gets round you your Stuffed :D
by Mr_Futsal
11 Aug 2008, 23:56
Forum: User Created
Topic: Which sig?
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I think The Pele One although other one is almost as good:P
by Mr_Futsal
11 Aug 2008, 23:35
Forum: Community
Topic: hi, i'm new to this forum.
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No sorry Not sure how to..
I was like that.. Used it and only just got an account :D
by Mr_Futsal
11 Aug 2008, 23:31
Forum: Community
Topic: A Bit About You
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Name: Josh Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Gale :lol: Location: Sydney, Australia Year Born: 1994 Favourite Soccer Club: Barcelona all the way !! :D Favourite Player: Playing Football Since: I can Remember lol Freestyling Since: Have only recently Started seriously Other Hobbies: Any other spor...
by Mr_Futsal
11 Aug 2008, 04:02
Forum: Fitness
Topic: sports drinks + water
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Haha yea.. Maby try each one day each and look at the results
by Mr_Futsal
11 Aug 2008, 03:46
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Pizza?
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Make your Own :D 10 times healthyer and nicer :D
by Mr_Futsal
07 Aug 2008, 10:57
Forum: Skills
Topic: Learn How to Create a Training Routine
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1. Age 14 2. Strengths and weakness: Strength is stamina, placing kicks and passing. Weakness are Speed, flexibility and control in small spaces. 3. My current goal is the State Team 4. My position is Sweeper/ Centre Back 5. I only have 1hr a day for 4 days a week. Other days are team training. 6. N...
by Mr_Futsal
07 Aug 2008, 10:46
Forum: Skills
Topic: Getting the Most Out of Training
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Amazing :D Helped me to put a training plan down in concrete
by Mr_Futsal
07 Aug 2008, 10:25
Forum: Skills
Topic: Lets Slack Off, No One Is Watching
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Excellent Post :P