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by touchshoot
23 Sep 2006, 06:23
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: 5 word stories.
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jimmy barnes who probed him...
by touchshoot
22 Sep 2006, 09:12
Forum: English football
Topic: Xabi Alonso goal
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ease up turbo
by touchshoot
21 Sep 2006, 10:43
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Rappers claiming christianity
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these guys have just been bought up under the same stereotypical lifestyle and they just where the cross with no meaning . if ur gonna wear it wear it with passion :?
by touchshoot
20 Sep 2006, 05:34
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: How to sprint faster
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hey m8. football is about accelaration rather than top need to be able to move quickly over ten metres or so and be able to dart around the order to do this u will need to really work on those shuttle runs and drills like that make sure u get that accelaration rather than top spee...
by touchshoot
11 Sep 2006, 10:04
Forum: Skills
Topic: become a pro
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if u want to become closer to a complete player the biggest thing is realising what u need to work on and work on it then once ur good at it move on to something else then keep going round in that routine it works trust me :roll:
by touchshoot
11 Sep 2006, 09:56
Forum: Skills
Topic: how long you train a day?
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i havent been on ep l8ly but since ive been at the academy i have been doing 2hrs a day 5 times a week its hectic! :twisted:
by touchshoot
11 Sep 2006, 09:46
Forum: Skills
Topic: Am i good enough to go pro
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hey mate this is a really hard topic to chat about seeing that there are so many anxious kids out there wetting themselves that they are not getting picked up at 12,13 and 14. remeber everything leads onto something else,for example every kid is looking for the big break from club to stardom. and th...
by touchshoot
04 Jun 2006, 06:25
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Indoor shoes??
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I rekon that indoor shoes help heaps i got a pair of brasilian shoes called diaponte' there good for me :wink:
by touchshoot
04 Jun 2006, 06:20
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Juggling records
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Well wen i last checked or tried juggling heaps i got to 4500 and stopped cos its really boring, i broke my record of juggling on the ground from 216 to 301 :wink:
by touchshoot
04 Jun 2006, 03:57
Forum: Skills
Topic: Finishing Help
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Theres heaps of drills u can do to improve ur finishing hopfully this link helps :wink:
by touchshoot
03 Jun 2006, 10:14
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Squats + Arm muscle = crazy acceleration?
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ive recently had a stress fracture in my lower back and for me to get back to my full fitness i needed to do millions of squats and arm and core strengthening as u might of seen it helped me heaps andas u might of also seen in my other post i clocked 4.19 in the 40m so its good i reccomend them.
by touchshoot
03 Jun 2006, 10:09
Forum: Fitness
Topic: 100 m times
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My best in the 100m is 11.22 which is pretty fast for my age i made it to the state competition which i came 4th at. I have great acceleration but not great top speed i clocked 4.19 in the 40 metres 8)
by touchshoot
03 Jun 2006, 10:06
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Beep test records!!!
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well JDTRIXTA I currently hold the record for the 15yr old beep test at our school i got 15.9 8)
by touchshoot
03 Jun 2006, 07:16
Forum: Community
Topic: Hi everyone
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Football is for Life m8 keep it up :wink:
by touchshoot
02 Jun 2006, 01:19
Forum: Skills
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I train 2 times a week