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by Gaucho
15 Sep 2005, 21:12
Forum: Community
Topic: Wanna be pro?
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Pro teams do five hours the most in a day. That's a double session too , training is normally 3 hrs. a day. High level stuff though . Well said though robbie , welcome .
by Gaucho
03 Jun 2005, 22:47
Forum: Skills
Topic: stepover help
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when u stepover with your right...move your left foot to the right of the ball while your right foot is going over. Then push off with the left...if u wanna be fancy and do it a million times.. jus repeat it on each side...hope it helps
by Gaucho
29 May 2005, 13:30
Forum: Skills
Topic: Dribbling and control at top speed
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He played street football on his little portuguese island, day in day out..thats all the kids do their...i think there will be more skillfull players coming from that area.
by Gaucho
27 May 2005, 17:00
Forum: Players
Topic: european dream team (4-4-2)
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GK- P. Cech
RB- Puyol
LB-Ashley Cole
RM-Cristiano ROnaldo
RF- Henry
LF Shevchenko
by Gaucho
27 May 2005, 14:53
Forum: Skills
Topic: Technical improvement?
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Technical improvement?

What excercise can someone do to improve technically? I wanna be as technical as Brazilians.
by Gaucho
07 May 2005, 19:40
Forum: Players
Topic: C. Ronaldo vs. Ronaldinho
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cool, I'll need a vacation there then
by Gaucho
07 May 2005, 19:04
Forum: Players
Topic: C. Ronaldo vs. Ronaldinho
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cristiano is better than freddy son. Well , from what i've seen, i could say that.
by Gaucho
30 Apr 2005, 19:31
Forum: Players
Topic: Jose Antonio Reyes
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he's a great talent..needs a right foot the moment its a walking stick. He says the head os for thinking..he hates
by Gaucho
30 Apr 2005, 19:10
Forum: Pick-up Soccer
Topic: New York
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Elite Brooklyn teams?

hey, my mate is going to be in brooklyn this summer, he wants to know if there are an elite teams in that area. Any tournaments..heard NY was wikid anyways. Anyone with any info please tell it 2 me ere. Or email cheers, oh and if you have the team's website that would be ...
by Gaucho
23 Apr 2005, 20:06
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: music before the game
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dizzee rascal..stand up tall. dizzee rascal..fix up look sharp. dizzee eminem's 8 mile soundtrack...all kinds of tunes rap works for me..then when i'm the zone..the beats jus play in my head. its wikid
by Gaucho
23 Apr 2005, 18:08
Forum: European Football
Topic: How have you chosen your favorite club?
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I was born in i like spurs .. we gonna beat arsenal on Monday.
by Gaucho
21 Apr 2005, 00:06
Forum: Players
Topic: Who's more of an allround player ?
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Who's more of an allround player ?

ROnaldinho or GErrard?Ronaldinho is class..but gerrard can do more..tackling..etc. u get me? ROnaldinho is my fav player tho..but stevie i think is more allround.What you think?
by Gaucho
20 Apr 2005, 22:48
Forum: Skills
Topic: Most amazing trick you've ever done
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LOL cool...3 weeks ago I gave these 2 guys three sombreros at the same time..back and forth .. that felt so right .
by Gaucho
20 Apr 2005, 01:19
Forum: Tactics
Topic: How do you play the game?
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C,C,C,...i'll dribble so that if it doesnt work.. it will deflect for a a bit of both. and bottom right. kiss the post lol (c)
by Gaucho
13 Apr 2005, 11:08
Forum: Competition
Topic: Any pros in my situation?
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Dont worry man..keep practising. Be you..there's no gaurantee in the game..when they were 13/14 ppl could hav said they were the best 13/14 year olds they ever seen...but when they become 16 it changes. Keep 17/18 people should say that u are 1 of the best 17/18 yr. olds they ever seen....