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by Becks7
13 Feb 2006, 08:22
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: should I write a book?
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hey man, and everyone else on this forum. it takes years literally to write a book. I started mine two years ago and i'm not even half way...(but then it's a triology....anyways) I say go for it, start now, gather everything you've written, everything you know. make notes, remake notes, interview s...
by Becks7
11 Feb 2006, 16:46
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Can i get Abs?
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Christopher wrote:Just start cardio trainning.
what's cardio training ?
by Becks7
10 Feb 2006, 10:13
Forum: Fitness
Topic: What to eat on game day
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go to this website and it will tell u what to eat and what to do in the day of the gane and the days before to ____________________ THANKS :lol: The link is not working anymore .. :( Could you please give another link with that info or...
by Becks7
08 Feb 2006, 17:04
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Before the Game Snack
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ASRoma_Casano wrote:hey thanks for the welcome. by the way maradona all you need for ugali is water and flour. and spinach since you like it.
is there a recipe or something like that ?
by Becks7
07 Feb 2006, 20:26
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Record Juggling
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i did 64 when i was 6, at 13 my record was 681, but i haven't counted since then 8)