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by fide
17 Jan 2007, 01:41
Forum: Skills
Topic: Juggling records with everything other than your feet
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well with my head is like 67
the shoulders is like 15
the tights is like 56
back heels is like 20 something
by fide
13 Sep 2006, 23:02
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Boshnak FreeStyle Vid
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hey guys check this video out once you can control in freestyling soccer and have good hand control of the ball this is easy ... 3367506623

btw i can do some of this stuff myself since i usually play basketball with my friends
by fide
26 Aug 2006, 03:03
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Discuss Ecuabol
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loved your video karnal a so do you have yahoo or msn messenger so i can add you me gusto el video mucho estaba vien chido
by fide
08 May 2006, 19:38
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: omg free stuff no joke
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yeah expert they could be just schemes or you never know some rich person just wanting to wate ther money well i dont know about that so yeah it might be a scheme cheap schemes :)
by fide
08 May 2006, 19:34
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Freestylin firsts; What have you accomplished lately?
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well a while back i did the heel juggle i can only do it with my right foot, but i cant do it with my left foot :cry:
by fide
08 May 2006, 19:24
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: 2 or more atw
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a guys do i have to turn conter clockwise and clock wise to do mutiple ATW's i just need to know cuz i usually dont so the most i've done is 4 and that without turning how do can i do more ?
by fide
04 May 2006, 23:02
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: "chinlone"
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man i saw this a while back and i saw that people like this should be posting up videos on this site
by fide
17 Apr 2006, 20:55
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Freestylers from some tribe or something...Amazing
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man dude them tricks are sooooo sick how did you find it if you know any more sites like thgis tell us or if you find any more still tell us cuz that stuff is sick when i first saw the video is was like :shock: is that possible
by fide
06 Apr 2006, 23:53
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: houston 1836/dynamo
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yo cfrealmadrid the "sensitive civil rights people" that you are refering to are the members of the ACLU(american civil librety union) i think thats it not really sure about the A
by fide
06 Apr 2006, 23:48
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Does everyone here like multi-tasking?
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yeah me too i usually multi task that gets youi through stuff faster :lol:
by fide
06 Apr 2006, 23:46
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: school vs soccer
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i just usuially do my homework in the classes that the teachers don't really care if we do homework or whatever then after school i have that time to myself :)
by fide
06 Apr 2006, 23:43
Forum: Community
Topic: (¯`v´¯) Who Do You Love On EF (¯`v´¯)
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seeing as this has kinda come up, what age do you guys think people can truely understand what love is? of course this is general, but i think somewhere around 15? i dunno though, some peoples definitions will be different to others. yeah i agree with what he said , but the one i truelly love is GOD
by fide
05 Apr 2006, 02:26
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Future Pro Freestylers ???
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from this website i would say my homie syed, his homie kamalio, sputnik, rinus and that 10 year old luris or something like that he has alot of time to be a pro freestyler :D
by fide
05 Apr 2006, 02:20
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Where will freestyle be in 5-10 years?
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Re: freestyling

soccerchik17 wrote:Personally, I think that freestylig is really cool, and I would pay to watch someone show off... especially if they showed us how to do one or two of the tricks after.

yeah that would be cool being thought how to do a move by a pro
by fide
05 Apr 2006, 02:11
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Record Juggling
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My juggling record is 3254. I can walk juggle for a mile. After that I was dizzy because of watching the ball go up and down. It took about 40 mins. :oops: dude i walk from the front of my yard to the back and sometimes back and forth but a mile :shock: my yard is like 300 feet from front to the ba...