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by Noob
10 Feb 2006, 08:57
Forum: Skills
Topic: Useful Dribble
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I dont agree Zico. I alwasy do very complex moves such as the scissors.
by Noob
10 Feb 2006, 08:52
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Photographic Memory
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Photographic Memory

I go to high school and im on my second last year. I know that theres people with photographic memery, the ones who can just skim over a page of a text book and remmebr it, like a photo copier. Well my teacher made reminded us that there will be people with photo graphic memory tha will do the test ...
by Noob
10 Feb 2006, 08:47
Forum: Wall of Shame
Topic: I am the best, I can give advice
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I am the best, I can give advice

Hey this is ALexander Dekok, no not nelson dekok and no im not related to him lol. Anyways i think im better that nelson dekok anyways, his just over rated. I can do 5 ATW in a row! i havent seen anyone else do that. And i can do a scissors, thats right i have never seen anyone else use scissors cau...