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by Duffo
23 Sep 2006, 12:43
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: emil part 2
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omg hes got even better! In my opinion their is no1 better than him at freestyling. Hes the worlds number 1
by Duffo
15 Jul 2006, 11:27
Forum: Equipment
Topic: new man u kits.
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They are Disgusting!! But im gonna have to go and buy one lol
by Duffo
14 Jul 2006, 12:14
Forum: Players
Topic: best attacker, midfielder and defender
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GK: Buffon
Defender: Zambrotta
Midfielder: Riquelme
Attacker: Thierry Henry
by Duffo
10 Jul 2006, 13:28
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Zidane wtf....
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lmao J that is hilarious. Now i understand lol its all making sense now......
by Duffo
06 Jul 2006, 21:31
Forum: Equipment
Topic: gold predators
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lol ive been searching all over the web for these boots and im glad that someone else finally noticed them :D They are a really nice pair of boots and i hope they come out soon in the shops cos im gonna get a pair
by Duffo
06 Jul 2006, 20:35
Forum: Awards
Topic: June's award
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lol i nominate Ratherton as hes been posting a lot of posts which have been extremley interesting. Also hes a loyal england supporter who went to some of the world cup matches as he got on TV :D That summer holiday post by Theo Walcott was hillarious aswell
by Duffo
06 Jul 2006, 15:23
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Azn Freestyler- June video
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I really enjoyed that video. You have a really good, smooth style. And i agree with magicfeet about your headstalls, youve basically masterd it.

Does you mum or whoever it is not get annoyed with you freestyling in the house? they look like they are trying to watch tv lol
by Duffo
06 Jul 2006, 15:13
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Cristiano Ronaldo
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I for one think this is complete rubbish. Everyone, mostly the english press are twisting everything about Ronaldo. He has just recently signed a new contract. Ferguson knows whats going on with Ronaldo more than any of the Press and Ferguson told MUTV: "There isn't a problem with the boy and I don'...
by Duffo
06 Jul 2006, 15:06
Forum: Skills
Topic: soccer tennis, does it help?
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I play it alot normally 2v2 and we let it bounce most the time
by Duffo
06 Jul 2006, 15:04
Forum: English football
Topic: Ronaldo leaving Man u
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Im a Man Utd supporter and im English and i dont blame him one bit. He wasnt the ref he hasnt the power to send rooney off. I for one hope he stays at United as he is an amazing player. And for all the England fans who blame him (obviously not most of us) stop making excuses and blaming Ronaldo, the...
by Duffo
05 Jul 2006, 22:40
Forum: World Cup
Topic: What I did on my summer holiday By Theo Walcott aged 8 1/2
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lmao thanks for that Ratherton it was hilarious!

And *~El Maestro~* Youve made me feel even worse lol :( Bad bad Memories
by Duffo
05 Jul 2006, 12:07
Forum: Players
Topic: Best goalie in the world cup
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has too be Buffon, he is very consistent and made a very good save against Germany last night
by Duffo
05 Jul 2006, 12:02
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Man Utd WC transfer lists !
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I hope we keep Ronaldo. We are apparently after Riquelme like ratherton said and after michael Carrick who i rate alot. Also i do not want to sign simao because i think he will be a disaster in the premiership
by Duffo
04 Jul 2006, 16:47
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: 5 word stories.
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and too much of a
by Duffo
01 Jul 2006, 22:56
Forum: World Cup
Topic: england v portugal
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Im absolutley devastated :cry: Rooney shouldnt of been sent off, maybe a yellow card. And i was really dissapointed with Ronaldo trying to wind Rooney up , there team-mates!!! Dont blame Rooney blame SVEN! WORST MANAGER ALIVE!! if i ever walk past him im gonna attack him and i hope he leaves England...